Slimmer’s chocmallow doughnut

Slimmer’s chocmallow doughnut Beat those cravings for cake or doughnuts by making these super simple and yummy slimmer’s doughnuts, using your healhty extra B allowance SLIMMER’S CHOCMALLOW DOUGHNUTS These bad-boys have been by far the most popular post so far on my Facebook page, from hundreds of recipes! The beauty is that they are very … Read more

Chocolate orange biscuits

Chocolate orange biscuits A creative use of your healthy extra B oats – eat warm with a cup of tea without the guilt – only 3 syns for the lot CHOCOLOATE ORANGE BISCUITS These chocolate orange cookies are for days when you could just scoff a whole packet of biscuits but are desperately trying to … Read more

1/2 syn brownies

1/2 syn brownies Very low syn chocolate brownies, lovely with fresh raspberries and some sweetened quark or light aerosol cream 1/2 SYN BROWNIES If you are looking for a little cakey treat these are great for satisfying a craving. They aren’t really proper chocolate brownies, because those taste delicious fo a reason! But the whisked … Read more

‘Ferrero Rocher’

‘Ferrero Rocher’ Tasty little bites that are a guilt-free little moment of indulgence ‘FERRERO ROCHER’ I have very little willpower when it comes to sweet snacks, and that’s why these little truffles are a brilliant thing for me to have on hand. They are so simple to make, and they really do taste like Ferrero … Read more

Fudgy Easter egg chocolate brownies

Fudgy Easter egg chocolate brownies A truly indulgent and definitely not slimming world friendly fudgy chocolate easter brownie FUDGY EASTER EGG CHOCOLATE BROWNIES Ever since I started Slimming World I have held off baking really indulgent treats like this, as I find them very hard to resist! However, with Easter approaching, and seeing lots of … Read more


Tiramisu Gorgeous, indulgent tasting pudding for a fraction of the syns of the real thing TIRAMASU I’ve never really liked coffee or alcohol based desserts, but tiramisu has always been the exception, something about the consistency of the sponge fingers with the creamy, chocolately topping is just so good! This version uses quark instead of … Read more

Banana sushi

Banana sushi A sweet way to your healthy extra B! BANANA SUSHI Sometimes you just need something a bit different, and I think this banana sushi is a sweet idea to make yourself a plate of something pretty! You could either use the Weight Watchers Love Fibre wraps, white and wholemeal, or you could use … Read more

Jelly sweets

Jelly sweets Just for fun – a low syn way to make jelly swweets! JELLY SWEETS Sugar-free jelly, and gelatine make Haribo style sweets which are very low syn. I couldn’t resist buying these lego style moulds to make some Slimming World sweets! It’s a nice easy way to have some ‘sweets’ without piling up … Read more

Sticky toffee pudding mug cake

Sticky toffee pudding mug cake Such an easy treat when you just need cake but don’t want to veer off plan! STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING MUG CAKE This mug cake produces a lovely, light sponge. Using date nectar rather than sugar, not only is it healthier, but it has a gorgeous sticky toffee flavour. I use … Read more

Raspberry maple muffins

Raspberry maple muffins Gorgeous freshly baked muffins flavoured with fresh rapsberries and sweetened with maple syrup RASPBERRY MAPLE MUFFINS These were a little experiment as I really fancied something freshly baked but not unhealthy. These muffins have a bran flake base, so they are full of fibre, the raspberries give them a gorgeous flavour and … Read more