Warm chocolate mug cake

Warm chocolate mug cake A quick and easy mug cake to keep you on track! WARM CHOCOLATE MUG CAKE It’s been one of those days when my Facebook news feed seems to be filled with videos of people making Nutella cakes and Kinder cakes and it’s making me crave chocolate! I thought I’d have a … Read more

Steamed jam sponge mug cake with raspberry jam on top sitting on a pink plate with a silver spoon next to it.

Steamed jam sponge mug cake

Steamed jam sponge mug cake An easy mug cake that tastes amazing and is only 3 syns! STEAMED JAM SPONGE MUG CAKE I recently introduced my 8 year old to this steamed jam sponge mug cake, and she was blown away- she just couldn’t believe that you could achieve such a good cake in just … Read more

Healthy chocolate orange energy bombs

Healthy chocolate orange energy bombs A completely delicious snack, filling and full of goodness! HEALTHY CHOCOLATE ORANGE ENERGY BOMBS My children are the polar opposites when it comes to food. Mimi, who is 8, adores fruit and will eat it like sweets- a big treat for her is to have a fruit salad- the more … Read more

Slow-cooker chocolate fudge

Slow-cooker chocolate fudge Not a healthy treat, but an easy and tasty way to make a lovely present for someone special! SLOW-COOKER CHOCOLATE FUDGE If you follow my blog then you’ll already be aware how much I love my slow-cooker! I use it a lot and always have done. As I look at lots of … Read more