Tea bread sliced on a white surface

Easy tea loaf

EASY TEA LOAF A delicious fruity loaf cake, moist with rich tea-soaked fruit and a warming hint of mixed spice. This tea bread is fat-free and low in sugar. Delicious served hot or cold. Photo credit: Chris Terry Tea loaf recipe This tea loaf recipe is a perfect healthier cake to enjoy as a treat. … Read more

cake cut into two slices showing blueberries inside sat on a white chopping board surrounded by a knife and a mug of tea

Lemon and blueberry yoghurt loaf cake

Lemon and blueberry yoghurt loaf cake A dense and moist yoghurt loaf cake with jammy bursts of blueberry and a lemony tang. Image credit – Chris Terry Lemon and blueberry yoghurt loaf cake recipe This lemon and blueberry yoghurt loaf cake is a dense and satisfyingly moist cake with jammy bursts of sweet blueberry and … Read more

Bacon and mushroom quiche with sweet potato crust

Bacon and mushroom quiche with sweet potato crust A filling, tasty and easy to make quiche! BACON AND MUSHROOM QUICHE WITH SWEET POTATO CRUST A sweet potato crust is my favourite way to do quiche at the moment- it’s so easy (way easier than making pastry and more healthy!) and it really adds both filling … Read more

Mini tuna quiches

Mini tuna quiches A tasty little quiche- perfect for snacks, tasters, and christmas parties! MINI TUNA QUICHES I can’t believe that I have never experimented with filo pastry before! It’s so much fun to use, and so easy to use, with the plus-side being that because the sheets are ultra thin it’s super low in … Read more

Oaty blueberry pancakes with toasted almonds and Manuka honey

Oaty blueberry pancakes with toasted almonds and Manuka honey A delicious, healthy and filling ‘superfood’ breakfast. OATY BLUEBERRY PANCAKES WITH TOASTED ALMONDS AND MUNKA HONEY I love a treat breakfast, it takes me back to a visit to America with my friend’s family when I was 16- every morning her Aunt cooked these amazing treats, … Read more

Tuna and courgette sweet potato crust quiche

Tuna and courgette sweet potato crust quiche A filling and satisfying quiche which is delicious hot or cold! TUNA AND COURGETTE SWEET POTATO CRUST QUICHE I love these sweet potato crust quiches at the moment- for me the whole appeal of quiche used to be the pastry, so a crustless one just doesn’t satisfy me! … Read more

Sweet and sour pork with egg fried rice

Sweet and sour pork with egg fried rice Classic tasty sweet and sour pork, much healthier than a takeaway but still tastes like a treat! SWEET AND SOUR PORK WITH EGG FRIED RICE This is a mouthwatering sweet and sour sauce, it’s very very quick and simple to prepare and feels like a treat, even … Read more

Baked blueberry oats

Baked blueberry oats A nice way to use your HEB oats for a warm, satisfying and filling breakfast BAKED BLUEBERRY OATS I’ve never been a big fan of breakfast, and although most mornings a bowl of shreddies and a piece of fruit have to do for speed, sometimes I just want something different! I really … Read more

Syn-free pancakes

Syn-free pancakes If you want a pancake recipe which is completely syn-free (using your HEB oats), but still really delicious, this is the one SYN-FREE PANCAKES I’ve tried making the quark pancakes, which tasted good, but were impossible to even flip because they just fell apart, and the oat and egg pancakes which again taste … Read more

Takeaway chicken chow mein

Takeaway chicken chow mein Delicious chicken chow mein recipe from the Slimming World website, 0.5 syn per portion TAKEAWAY CHICKEN CHOW MEIN This is a real classic, it’s tasty enough to stand in for a takeaway, and it’s very easy to do. Also a great way to get lots of veg incorporated into your main! … Read more

Sausage rolls

Sausage rolls These sausage rolls are only 1/2 syn each using your HEB SAUSAGE ROLLS If you loved the steak bake, here’s the next big thing, the 1/2 syn sausage roll! Using Healthy extra b Hovis good inside, or Kingsmill wholemeal sandwich thins and low-syn sausages. Here I used the Morrisons NuMe Cumberland sausages which … Read more