Slow cooker peanut satay pork

Slow cooker peanut satay pork A tasty way to slow cook pork SLOW COOKER PEANUT SATAY PORK I’ve always adored peanut satay, unfortunately a really indulgent peanut sauce wouldn’t be the best thing for weight-loss, so I have come up with this alternative which still tastes really good, but doesn’t have the guilt-factor! I have … Read more

Jerk pork with pineapple

Jerk pork with pineapple Really tasty homemade jerk pork, served with refreshing pineapple JERK PORK WITH PINEAPPLE I’m all for a ready-made jerk seasoning, but it’s also nice to do it yourself sometimes for that fresher taste- this is a gorgeous tasty jerk pork dish, and it’s really complemented by the sweet and juicy pineapple. … Read more

Sweet and sour pork with egg fried rice

Sweet and sour pork with egg fried rice Classic tasty sweet and sour pork, much healthier than a takeaway but still tastes like a treat! SWEET AND SOUR PORK WITH EGG FRIED RICE This is a mouthwatering sweet and sour sauce, it’s very very quick and simple to prepare and feels like a treat, even … Read more

Spicy meatball marinara bake

Spicy meatball marinara bake Tasty meatballs mixed with pizza sauce and pasta baked with a cheese topping… SPICY MEATBALL MARINARA BAKE I made this up with leftovers from my Pizza topped giant meatballs recipe (click here) and it was so tasty I thought it deserved it’s own slot! It might look like a lot of work for … Read more

Pork and quinoa meatballs

Pork and quinoa meatballs Lovely syn-free meatballs, served in a herby tomato sauce PORK AND QUINOA MEATBALLS I used quinoa in these meatballs as an alternative to using breadcrumbs, to keep this meal free of syns. The sauce recipe is the one that Slimming World suggest to go with their frozen meatballs from Iceland, it’s … Read more

Sausage rolls

Sausage rolls These sausage rolls are only 1/2 syn each using your HEB SAUSAGE ROLLS If you loved the steak bake, here’s the next big thing, the 1/2 syn sausage roll! Using Healthy extra b Hovis good inside, or Kingsmill wholemeal sandwich thins and low-syn sausages. Here I used the Morrisons NuMe Cumberland sausages which … Read more

Sausagey pasta

Sausagey pasta Adapted from Jamie Oliver’s ‘Jools’ Pregnant Pasta’ from his 30 Minute Meals book, this is a fab comfort food meal SAUSAGEY PASTA The combination of ingredients in this meal is just perfect to make a beautifully satisfying dish. Using low-syn or syn-free sausages makes this one a great weekday staple for slimmers! Please … Read more

Pastry-free pork pie

Pastry-free pork pie Perfect for picnics or weekday lunches, this is just 1.5 syns per slice PASTRY-FREE PORK PIE Picnics can be difficult when you are trying to follow a healthy eating plan- sausage rolls and pork pies are off the menu! This twist on a pork pie is the answer, easy to transport, easy … Read more

Balsamic sausage and butterbean tray bake

Balsamic sausage and butterbean tray bake This is so easy to throw together and is super-satisfying to BALSAMIN SAUSAGE AND BUTTERBEAN TRAY BAKE I’m all for a meal that takes 5 minutes to prepare but tastes like more effort has gone into it! Balsamic vinegar on roasted veg is lovely, but throw in some sausages … Read more