Mexican lime & chicken rice

Mexican lime & chicken rice All-in-on Mexican inspired zesty spiced chicken with red pepper, tomatoes and baby corn cooked with black beans and lime rice. Mexican lime and chicken rice recipe I love how the lime in this Mexican lime & chicken rice recipe adds such incredible flavour and lift, and I love that Mexican-style … Read more

Chicken katsu curry

chicken katsu curry Chicken that’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with a rich & delicious curry sauce- step-by-step instructions on how to make a killer chicken katsu curry using HOW TO MAKE THE BEST CHICKEN KATSU CURRY Chicken katsu curry is one of my favourite treat meals- the crispy coated chicken … Read more

Harissa & herb Moroccan meatballs

Harissa & herb Moroccan meatballs Delicious moroccan style meatballs HARISSA AND HERB MOROCCAN MEATBALLS Years ago, when I was working in London I would sometimes pick up my lunch in Leon, and one of my absolute favourites was the Moroccan meatballs. They would serve these with brown rice with toasted seeds, and an amazing homemade … Read more

One-pan lemony chicken rice

One-pan lemony chicken rice An easy and tasty meal for the whole family ONE-PAN LEMONY CHICKEN RICE I love anything that can be cooked using just one dish- it makes life so much easier, so I’m often experimenting with one pan wonders. This one was inspired by the fact that my girls seem to love … Read more


Jambalaya aAgorgeous creole inspired rice dish- literally a ‘jumble’ of delicious foods and flavours, perfect for the whole family! JAMBALAYA A friend recently suggested I tried frozen pre-chopped onions, she said it had been a game-changer for her- I had always felt a bit funny about it- maybe thinking it was a bit lazy not … Read more

Persian cranberry rice pilaf

Persian cranberry rice pilaf A delicious side dish to any persian feast PERSIAN CRANBERRY RICE PILAF We had this gorgeous rice as a side dish to our alternative Christmas feast Friendsmas. I have always been hopeless at cooking rice for big groups of people- it nearly always gets all glutinous and stuck together! This is rinsed through … Read more

Mexican layered chicken bake

Mexican layered chicken bake A delicious layered mexican dish which tastes so good and is completely guilt-free! MEXICAN LAYERED CHICKEN BAKE Mexican food is a real love of mine, fajitas are often a Saturday night treat for us, but unfortunately wraps generally aren’t wholesome or healthy, so I really wanted to come up with an … Read more

Citrus risotto with garlic chilli prawns

Citrus risotto with garlic chilli prawns A gorgeous summery risotto recipe from bill grainger’s open kitchen CITRUS RISOTTO WITH GARLIC CHILLI PRAWNS All the credit for this goes to Bill Grainger- it’s ages since I’ve browsed through the books that I have of his, and I had completely forgotten about this one! It is such … Read more

Sweet and sour pork with egg fried rice

Sweet and sour pork with egg fried rice Classic tasty sweet and sour pork, much healthier than a takeaway but still tastes like a treat! SWEET AND SOUR PORK WITH EGG FRIED RICE This is a mouthwatering sweet and sour sauce, it’s very very quick and simple to prepare and feels like a treat, even … Read more

Chicken and asparagus risotto

Chicken and asparagus risotto A very simple, but delicious risotto- perfect for using leftovers from a roast chicken! CHICKEN AND ASPARAGUS RISOTTO I can’t take the credit for this recipe, as it’s one my husband always makes when we have leftover roast chicken- it’s one of my all time favourites- very simple flavours but just … Read more

chicken, chorizo and bean stew - pieces of chicken and chorizo in a tomato sauce. The ragu is in a casserole dish with a spoon placed in the middle

chicken, chorizo and bean stew

Chicken, chorizo and bean stew An Italian inspired ragu with pieces of succulent chicken and chorizo mixed with creamy butter and haricot beans in a smoky paprika, garlic and tomato sauce. Chicken, chorizo and bean stew recipe This chicken, chorizo and bean stew is one of my go-to easy, family-friendly dinner choices. It’s a very … Read more

Hoisin chicken and rice with tenderstem broccoli

Hoisin chicken and rice with tenderstem broccoli A one-pot, family favourite which is easy to make and full of flavour! Photo credit – Chris Terry HOISIN CHICKEN AND RICE WITH TENDERSTEM BROCCOLI This recipe is from my second cookbook, The Slimming Foodie in One, which is a collection of 100 one-dish recipes, all under 600 calories. … Read more