Oaty blueberry pancakes with toasted almonds and Manuka honey

Oaty blueberry pancakes with toasted almonds and Manuka honey A delicious, healthy and filling ‘superfood’ breakfast. OATY BLUEBERRY PANCAKES WITH TOASTED ALMONDS AND MUNKA HONEY I love a treat breakfast, it takes me back to a visit to America with my friend’s family when I was 16- every morning her Aunt cooked these amazing treats, … Read more

Blackcurrant jam baked oats

Blackcurrant jam baked oats A satisfyingly tasty version of baked oats BLACKCURRANT JAM BAKED OATS I prefer baked oats to overnight oats and porridge- it’s such a nice ‘cake-ey’ thing to have for breakfast! These ones use blackcurrant jam to give them just enough sweetness without being overloaded. I love them served with fresh berries … Read more

Caramelised raspberry baked oats

Caramelised raspberry baked oats A slightly more indulgent version of the raspberry baked oats, using date nectar for a sweet flavour and crispy caramelised top CARAMALISED RASPBERRY BAKED OATS I’ve just discovered date nectar, and this one by Beloved gives a lovely natural alternative to using sugar or honey as a sweetener. For everyday baked oats I … Read more

Baked blueberry oats

Baked blueberry oats A nice way to use your HEB oats for a warm, satisfying and filling breakfast BAKED BLUEBERRY OATS I’ve never been a big fan of breakfast, and although most mornings a bowl of shreddies and a piece of fruit have to do for speed, sometimes I just want something different! I really … Read more

Chocolate orange biscuits

Chocolate orange biscuits A creative use of your healthy extra B oats – eat warm with a cup of tea without the guilt – only 3 syns for the lot CHOCOLOATE ORANGE BISCUITS These chocolate orange cookies are for days when you could just scoff a whole packet of biscuits but are desperately trying to … Read more

Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats A simple breakfast of porridge oats layered with yoghurt and mixed berries that can be made the night before. Overnight oats recipe Overnight oats have become a bit of a legend in Slimming World circles, and when I tried them for the first time I could understand why. Layering up and leaving the … Read more

Strawberry baked oatcakes

Strawberry baked oatcakes TAsty little low syn oatcakes, perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea STRAWBERRY BAKED OATCAKES Breakfast is definitely the meal that I struggle with most on Slimming World, I always used to just miss it out, but that’s not really an option now as I know I need to keep my metabolism going, … Read more

Blueberry baked oats with almonds, cinnamon and maple syrup

Blueberry baked oats with almonds, cinnamon and maple syrup By far my favourite healthy breakfast! BLUEBERRY BAKED OATS WITH ALMONDS, CINNAMON AND MAPLE SYRUP This is my favourite breakfast, these are so tasty and so filling! If I’ve made the time to make these in the morning I find I don’t even think about snacking … Read more