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3 ways with hummus

Hummus is such an easy thing to make at home, it only takes 5 minutes to whizz up a batch, and there are so many different combinations of flavours to try! I often make up a pot of hummus to keep in the fridge, it makes a great snack with some freshly cut carrot, pepper … Read more

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Cooked chicken breast covered with a pesto sauce on top of orzo and tomatoes green beans a basil, all in a silver tray.

Easy chicken pesto and orzo traybake

EASY CHICKEN PESTO AND ORZO TRAYBAKE A succulent chicken breast with a vibrant green pesto sauce on a bed of orzo, fresh tomatoes and green beans and all oven baked in one tray EASY CHICKEN, PESTO AND ORZO TRAYBAKE If you haven’t come across orzo before, it’s a very small, rice-shaped pasta that is very … Read more

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1/2 syn brownies

1/2 syn brownies Very low syn chocolate brownies, lovely with fresh raspberries and some sweetened quark or light aerosol cream 1/2 SYN BROWNIES If you are looking for a little cakey treat these are great for satisfying a craving. They aren’t really proper chocolate brownies, because those taste delicious fo a reason! But the whisked … Read more

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‘Ferrero Rocher’

‘Ferrero Rocher’ Tasty little bites that are a guilt-free little moment of indulgence ‘FERRERO ROCHER’ I have very little willpower when it comes to sweet snacks, and that’s why these little truffles are a brilliant thing for me to have on hand. They are so simple to make, and they really do taste like Ferrero … Read more

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Mushroom pizza pasty

Mushroom pizza pasty A delicious and filling pasty- perfect for summer picnics, road trips and days out on the beach! MUSHROOM PIZZA PASTY I’m really excited about this recipe, as not only does it combine 3 of my very favourite things- garlic mushrooms, pizza and pasty, but it’s such a cost-effective, easy and healthy picnic … Read more

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Silver baking tray with chicken in fajita mix with red and yellow chopped peppers

Chicken fajita traybake

Chicken fajita traybake Chicken, onions and peppers mixed with a fajita spice mix and baked together in one tray for hands free healthy dinner. Photo credit – Chris Terry CHICKEN FAJITA TRAYBAKE This satisfying, spicy chicken fajita traybake is so easy to make with the traybake method. Simply chuck in all of the ingredients and … Read more