Skinny Carbonara (Jamie Oliver)

Skinny Carbonara (Jamie Oliver) A very delicious and different version of spaghetti carbonara, from jamie’s ‘everyday super food’ SKINNY CARBONARA I recently bought Jamie Oliver’s latest recipe book Everyday Super Food (click here), so many of the recipes look brilliant, but this is the first one that I fancied trying- it’s pretty far from a traditional … Read more


Lasagne Tasty lasagne with a twist on the white sauce to keep it healthy and easy to make! LASAGNE I love lasagne. It was the one craving that I had when I was pregnant! My old lasagne would have had a traditional white sauce made from (lots of) butter, flour and milk. I was trying … Read more

Lemony chilli crab linguine

Lemony chilli crab linguine This has that perfect flavour combination of garlic, chilli, lemon and seafood – makes my mouth water just thinking about it LEMONY CHILLI CRAB LINGUINE Pastas like this have always been my favourite, just those simple but perfect flavour combinations. I used a tin of white crab meat here (£1 in … Read more

Cheesy chorizo orzo

Cheesy chorizo orzo Smoky chorizo, creamy Primula cheese, rich tomatoes and orzo make up this quick and easy pasta dish – perfect for feeding the whole family Disclosure: This recipe was sponsored by Primula. All words, images and opinions are my own. CHEESY CHORIZO ORZO As we are all relying more and more on dishes that … Read more

Baked feta pasta

Baked feta pasta This simple recipe has gone viral on social media, and couldn’t be easier to make. WHERE DID THIS BAKED FETA PASTA RECIPE COME FROM? I first saw this meal idea on TikTok, and it’s since blown up across the whole internet. It’s easy to see why, as the pure simplicity of the … Read more

Creamy mushroom and bacon spaghetti with chilli griddled greens

Creamy mushroom and bacon spaghetti with chilli griddled greens A very tasty and satisfying dish CREAMY MUSHROOM AND BACON SPAGHETTI WITH CHILLI GRIDDLED GREENS This is a lovely easy meal, and made with stuff that you are likely to already have in the cupboards! Not too many ingredients but very tasty. In the past I would … Read more