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Sweet potato falafel

Sweet potato falafel A tasty way to enjoy sweet potato falafel without any added oil or flour making them a healthier alternative to the traditional deep fried versions Photo credit – Chris Terry Baked sweet potato falafel recipe These sweet potato falafel are both healthy and delicious. These make a great alternative to the traditional … Read more

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campfire stew

Campfire stew

campfire stew Slow cooked ham in a smoky tomato sauce with beans and vegetables, perfect for those colder days. Slow cooker campfire stew There is a reason that this slow cooker campfire stew is an absolute Slimming World classic. Because of the rich, smoky flavours and tender, fall-apart ham, it makes a great one-pot family … Read more

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Close up shot of slow cooker chicken tikka masala in an oval casserole dish.

Slow cooker chicken tikka masala

Slow cooker chicken tikka masala Satisfyingly creamy and saucy chicken tikka masala, unbelievably easy to do in the slow cooker. Image credit : Chris Terry TICK-TOCK TIKKA MASALA I don’t think you can beat a steaming bowl of creamy, fragrant slow cooker chicken tikka masala, and being able to just put it in the slow-cooker … Read more

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A close up overhead picture of chicken and chorizo paella in a pan with a small bowl of lemon on the side.

Chicken and chorizo paella

CHICKEN AND CHORIZO PAELLA Authentic tasting but easy to do paella – super lean but tastes lovely! Photo credit – Chris Terry ZESTY CHICKEN AND CHORIZO PAELLA This chicken and chorizo paella is a real treat, for me I think because it tastes like ‘holiday food’ it evokes happy, sunny feelings even on a miserable … Read more

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One pot chilli mac 'n' cheese - Beef mince coked with cheese and pasta in a blue oven dish sat on a blue tea towel.

One-pot chilli mac ‘n’ cheese

One-pot chilli mac ‘n’ cheese The ultimate comfort food mash-up! Chilli mac ‘n’ cheese recipe I live for a one-pot wonder and this one-pot chilli mac ‘n’ cheese ticks all the boxes! I love cooking, but I also love finding ways to simplify meals and make them easy and hassle-free to make without compromising on … Read more

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Slow-cooker chinese pulled pork with little gem wraps - pull apart pork in a Chinese flavoured sauce that has been slow cooked. Some of the pulled pork has been served on a plate with a little gem lettuce.

Slow-cooker Chinese pulled pork with little gem wraps

Slow-cooker Chinese pulled pork with little gem wraps A quick win for the slow cooker – easy, delicious and more-ish chinese pulled pork Photo credit – Chris Terry CHINESE-STYLE PULLED PORK Richly spiced, aromatic, fall-apart tender pork is irresistibly tasty and so versatile. Serve it with rice and stir-fried vegetables, in crisp lettuce wraps, or … Read more

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Silver baking tray with chicken in fajita mix with red and yellow chopped peppers

Chicken fajita traybake

Chicken fajita traybake Chicken, onions and peppers mixed with a fajita spice mix and baked together in one tray for hands free healthy dinner. Photo credit – Chris Terry CHICKEN FAJITA TRAYBAKE This satisfying, spicy chicken fajita traybake is so easy to make with the traybake method. Simply chuck in all of the ingredients and … Read more

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A sliver oven tray with meatballs and pasta in a bolognese sauce with a few basil leaves on top

Meatball pasta bake

Meatball pasta bake Rich chill, garlic and tomato meatballs baked with penne, mozzarella and parmesan for a satisfyingly delicious pasta bake! Photo credit – Chris Terry GARLICKY MEATBALL PASTA BAKE Meatballs make such a satisfying meal, and I love how this meatball pasta bake recipe is so simple, but still packed full of flavour and … Read more

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slow-cooker honey garlic chicken - pull apart chicken in a glossy honey garlic sauce thats been slow cooked skattered with fresh coriander. The oven dish is sat on a woven mat next to some earthenware plates and a small bowl of sesame seeds.

Slow cooker honey garlic chicken

slow cooker honey garlic chicken Tasty, more-ish sticky honey and garlic chicken that’s prepped in minutes using only 7 ingredients Photo credit – Chris Terry Slow cooker honey garlic chicken recipe I love that it only takes 5 minutes to throw together the sauce for this slow cooker honey garlic chicken recipe making such and … Read more

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sweet potato onion bhajis - golden bhajis freshly baked on a silver oven tray

Sweet potato onion bhajis

SWEET POTATO onion bhajis A deliciously healthy oven baked onion bhaji, using sweet potato and indian inspired spices to make a healthy and tasty batter Photo credit – Chris Terry The best healthy baked sweet potato onion bhajis Soft, sweet onions are encased in a light, Indian-inspired, spiced sweet potato batter, then baked in the … Read more