Sweet potato falafel

Sweet potato falafel A tasty way to enjoy sweet potato falafel without any added oil or flour making them a healthier alternative to the traditional deep fried versions Photo credit – Chris Terry Baked sweet potato falafel recipe These sweet potato falafel are both healthy and delicious. These make a great alternative to the traditional … Read more

‘Ferrero Rocher’

‘Ferrero Rocher’ Tasty little bites that are a guilt-free little moment of indulgence ‘FERRERO ROCHER’ I have very little willpower when it comes to sweet snacks, and that’s why these little truffles are a brilliant thing for me to have on hand. They are so simple to make, and they really do taste like Ferrero … Read more


Tiramisu Gorgeous, indulgent tasting pudding for a fraction of the syns of the real thing TIRAMASU I’ve never really liked coffee or alcohol based desserts, but tiramisu has always been the exception, something about the consistency of the sponge fingers with the creamy, chocolately topping is just so good! This version uses quark instead of … Read more

Banana sushi

Banana sushi A sweet way to your healthy extra B! BANANA SUSHI Sometimes you just need something a bit different, and I think this banana sushi is a sweet idea to make yourself a plate of something pretty! You could either use the Weight Watchers Love Fibre wraps, white and wholemeal, or you could use … Read more

Courgette and chilli mini muffins

Courgette and chilli mini muffins A delicious and syn-free snack, perfect for picnics and lunchboxes COURGETTE AND CHILLI MINI MUFFINS I whipped these up in about ten minutes on a day where I was heading off to the beach but really just wanted a nice syn-free (using your healthy extra a choice) lunch. They’re super … Read more

Asparagus and bacon quiche with sweet potato & oat crust

Asparagus and bacon quiche with sweet potato & oat crust A great alternative to a pastry crust, sweet potato and oat makes a firm and tasty quiche crust ASPARAGUS AND BACON QUICHE WITH SWEET POTATO AND OAT CRUST My method of cooking is generally like one long episode of Ready Steady Cook- I tend to … Read more

South-African Bunny Chow

South-African Bunny Chow A zingy chicken curry served in a bun- perfect comfort food! SOUTH-AFRICAN BUNNY CHOW Anyone who is a regular visitor to my Facebook page will know that I am a huge Nando’s fan! It’s my perfect comfort food, and we’ll often have this Homemade Nando’s as a weekend treat! When Nando’s got in touch with me … Read more

Chicken satay strips

Chicken satay strips A perfect picnic snack CHICKEN SATAY STRIPS Chicken satay is one of my all-time favourite foods! I wanted to create something that was both a healthy option for a picnic, and also a treat! I’m a big fan of powdered peanut butter, particularly for cooking with as it’s a low-fat great way … Read more

Caramelised onion hummus

Caramelised onion hummus A tasty and low-fat hummus, perfect for dipping! CARAMELISED ONION HUMMUS I’m making up for lost time with hummus, I had never even tried it until about 4 years ago- it just looked like something I wouldn’t like! I sampled some out of politeness at a friend’s house a few years ago, … Read more

Quiche lorraine with a hash brown crust

Quiche lorraine with a hash brown crust Make a quiche using a hash brown crust for a tasty & healthy alternative QUICHE LORRAINE WITH HASH BROWN CRUST Quiche makes a fantastic easy lunch or dinner option of you are looking for healthy meals that you can pre-prepare. One of the fantastic things about quiche is … Read more

Slow-cooker chinese pulled pork with little gem wraps - pull apart pork in a Chinese flavoured sauce that has been slow cooked. Some of the pulled pork has been served on a plate with a little gem lettuce.

Slow-cooker Chinese pulled pork with little gem wraps

Slow-cooker Chinese pulled pork with little gem wraps A quick win for the slow cooker – easy, delicious and more-ish chinese pulled pork Photo credit – Chris Terry CHINESE-STYLE PULLED PORK Richly spiced, aromatic, fall-apart tender pork is irresistibly tasty and so versatile. Serve it with rice and stir-fried vegetables, in crisp lettuce wraps, or … Read more