Cheeky Nando’s style peri-peri chicken

Cheeky Nando’s style peri-peri chicken I love a cheeky nando’s fakeaway! CHEEKY NANDO’S STYLE PERI PERI CHICKEN I was really late on the Nando’s bandwagon- I always thought I liked the look of it but never had the chance to go, once I went it was confirmed! I love chilli, I love chicken, I love … Read more

Skinny aioli

Skinny aioli Perfect accompaniment to lots of dishes- a super-garlicky and naughty tasting dip/dressing that is fat free. Skinny aioli recipe This skinny aioli stuff is so good! It’s gorgeous with lots of things, in particular I love it with sweet potato wedges, falafel, skinny chicken nuggets and cous-cous salads. It tastes amazing. But don’t … Read more

Mexican taco style feast

Mexican taco style feast This is a super tasty meal with all the trimmings of tacos but without the calories! MEXICAN TACO STYLE FEAST I’ve been wanting to have a go at this for ages! I love tacos, but they aren’t always a healthy option. This uses lasagne sheets (who knew?!) to make delicious crunchy … Read more

Spicy pizza pops

Spicy pizza pops All the pizza-ey goodness without the syns – golden baked pizza bites makes a pizza craving disappear SPICY PIZZA POPS These are just little bites of deliciousness! You have the lovely melted mozzarella, pepperoni and jalapeno, but with a quinoa body they’re low in syns. Perfect dipped in my Best Ever Pizza Sauce … Read more

Takeaway chicken chow mein

Takeaway chicken chow mein Delicious chicken chow mein recipe from the Slimming World website, 0.5 syn per portion TAKEAWAY CHICKEN CHOW MEIN This is a real classic, it’s tasty enough to stand in for a takeaway, and it’s very easy to do. Also a great way to get lots of veg incorporated into your main! … Read more

Slow-cooker bbq beef brisket

Slow-cooker bbq beef brisket A richly satisfying beef brisket recipe, cooked to perfection in the slow cooker SLOW-COOKER BBQ BEEF BRISKET This recipe is adapted from a Tom Kerridge recipe for BBQ beef brisket, to make it Slimming World friendly. In Tom Kerridge’s version the beef is left overnight in the rub to really let … Read more

green chilli & cumin hummus

green chilli & cumin hummus Spicy, flavoursome green chilli makes a punchy and delicious hummus GREEN CHILLI AND CUMIN HUMMUS Green chilli has a lovely unique flavour that works so well in hummus! Complemented by earthy cumin, this is one of my favourite combinations. I usually leave the seeds in the chilli when I whizz … Read more

Roasted red pepper hummus

Roasted red pepper hummus A sweet and smoky hummus ROASTED RED PEPPER HUMMUS The sweet and smoky flavours in this roasted red pepper hummus are irresistible. Make this as a dip, or to serve up alongside falafel, couscous or kebabs as a delicious side dish. Jars of pre-roasted peppers are a great storecupboard staple to … Read more

Chickpea, sweet potato and lentil hotpot (Golden Wonderpot)

Chickpea, sweet potato and lentil hotpot (Golden Wonderpot) A creamy, filling and delicious hotpot packed full of goodness – perfect comfort food! CHICKPEA, SWEET POTATO AND LENTIL HOTPOT (GOLDEN WONDERPOT) With current times forcing us to reply more on our storecupboards, and longer-life ingredients, as well as it making sense to batch cook and freeze … Read more

Easy chana masala (chickpea curry)

Easy chana masala (chickpea curry) This curried chickpea dish is delicious, filling and ow cost! EASY CHANA MASALA (CHICKPEA CURRY) Chana masala is a classic Indian side dish- it’s spicy, hearty and warming and this version is also super easy to make and bulked out with extra lentils to make it more than just a … Read more