Beef stroganoff

Healthier beef stroganoff

Beef stroganoff Juicy beef strips cooked in a rich creamy smoky and sweet sauce with button mushrooms all in one pot Beef stroganoff recipe This healthier beef stroganoff is hard to beat. It’s all made in one pot and can be prepped and cooked in under an hour. To start, a base is made with … Read more

Scalloped potato gratin with rosemary and garlic

Scalloped potato gratin with rosemary and garlic Fabulous alternative to roast potatoes, tasty and very pretty on the table! SCALLOPED POTATO GRATIN WITH ROSEMARY AND GARLIC I recently attended a lovely Easter event with Iceland Foods, and was inspired to come home and cook my own Easter Feast! I love potatoes Dauphinoise, but they are usually full … Read more

Slow-cooker pork & apple stew

Slow-cooker pork & apple stew Cheat along the way using frozen, pre-prepared ingredients for this hearty and satisfying comfort food! SLOW-COOKER PORK AND APPLE STEW I’ve been embracing all things frozen over the past 12 months, and I love having frozen products stocked up for easy meals! I have to say I’ve always hated chopping … Read more

Slow-cooker chinese pulled pork with little gem wraps - pull apart pork in a Chinese flavoured sauce that has been slow cooked. Some of the pulled pork has been served on a plate with a little gem lettuce.

Slow-cooker Chinese pulled pork with little gem wraps

Slow-cooker Chinese pulled pork with little gem wraps A quick win for the slow cooker – easy, delicious and more-ish chinese pulled pork Photo credit – Chris Terry CHINESE-STYLE PULLED PORK Richly spiced, aromatic, fall-apart tender pork is irresistibly tasty and so versatile. Serve it with rice and stir-fried vegetables, in crisp lettuce wraps, or … Read more

Silver baking tray with chicken in fajita mix with red and yellow chopped peppers

Chicken fajita traybake

Chicken fajita traybake Chicken, onions and peppers mixed with a fajita spice mix and baked together in one tray for hands free healthy dinner. Photo credit – Chris Terry CHICKEN FAJITA TRAYBAKE This satisfying, spicy chicken fajita traybake is so easy to make with the traybake method. Simply chuck in all of the ingredients and … Read more

A sliver oven tray with meatballs and pasta in a bolognese sauce with a few basil leaves on top

Meatball pasta bake

Meatball pasta bake Rich chill, garlic and tomato meatballs baked with penne, mozzarella and parmesan for a satisfyingly delicious pasta bake! Photo credit – Chris Terry GARLICKY MEATBALL PASTA BAKE Meatballs make such a satisfying meal, and I love how this meatball pasta bake recipe is so simple, but still packed full of flavour and … Read more

Sweet potato and coconut curry

Sweet potato and coconut curry A vegetarian curry that’s full of flavour and perfect to cook for a group of friends or family! SWEET POTATO AND COCONUT CURRY Related Recipes

Fall-apart slow-cooker beef brisket and ale casserole

Fall-apart slow-cooker beef brisket and ale casserole A whole beef brisket slowly cooked in ale until it is melt-in-the-mouth tender- the ultimate comfort food! FALL-APART SLOW-COOKER BEEF BRISKET AND ALE CASSEROLE Sometimes nothing hits the spot like a beef casserole, and as it’s such a crowd-pleaser it’s great to cook for the whole family, or … Read more

Simple carrot soup

Simple carrot soup A simple, easy, and tasty carrot soup that you can whip up in 25 minutes SIMPLE CARROT SOUP This easy carrot soup recipe is perfect to make when you are low on ingredients but fancy a quick and nutritious meal! Carrots have such a lovely sweet flavour, that with just a couple … Read more

Easy chicken jalfrezi

Easy chicken jalfrezi An easy to make chicken jalfrezi that can be whipped up in 30 minutes, and is slimming world friendly! EASY CHICKEN JALFREZI I love making curry at home, it’s a great way to get in lots of portions of veggies and I never tire of it if there are leftovers! The only … Read more

Healthy Beef Madras

Healthy Beef Madras A rich and spicy beef madras with tender meat and a thick, satisfying sauce HEALTHY BEEF MADRAS I was always a fussy eater as a kid- I wouldn’t touch any fruit and would only tolerate certain vegetables. when I was about 12, my Mum made a discovery, which was that I would … Read more