Pizza topped giant meatballs

Pizza topped giant meatballs Tasty giant meatballs covered with tasty marinara sauce and your favourite pizza toppings! PIZZA TOPPED GIANT MEATBALLS I love meatballs, there’s something so satisfying about them- I think that this was inspired by the Subway meatball marinara sub which I used to occasionally enjoy for lunch when I worked near a … Read more

KFC style chicken

KFC style chicken A way to create a lovely, crispy, kfc style chicken without all the fat! KFC STYLE CHICKEN Fairly recently my husband and I got stuck in terrible traffic on a long road trip, and had the choice of McDonalds, Harvester or KFC. As we wanted to be quick I said I fancied … Read more

Quick sweet potato fries

Quick sweet potato fries Just a quick and easy way to make tasty sweet potato fries! QUICK SWEET POTATO FRIES It’s not rocket science, but it is a lovely quick way to make these yummy treats! Add the cayenne if you like a bit of a kick! If you don’t have a chip mesh I … Read more

Pip’s best spaghetti bolognese

Pip’s best spaghetti bolognese A rich and delicious bolognese which is super quick to throw together! PIP’S BEST SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE I know this is about the 4th bolognese recipe I’ve posted up here, but it’s one of my favourite comfort foods so I make it a lot and tend to experiment! This one’s a bit … Read more

Perfect burgers

Perfect burgers I’ve tried quite a few burger recipes since starting Slimming World and this is one of my favourites so far. A traditional tasting but juicy and delicious burger PERFECT BURGERS I love a homemade burger and have experimented lots with different recipes even before I was following Slimming world. I think that this … Read more

Blueberry lemon drizzle slice

Blueberry lemon drizzle slice Perfect for when you fancy a fresh cake BLUEBERRY LEMON DRIZZLE SLICE I was on holiday in Skye 3 years ago, and there was a tiny little bakery that used to cook these amazing fresh cakes every day- one of the ones I really remembered was a lemon blueberry drizzle slice … Read more

Herby chicken casserole

Herby chicken casserole Lovely tasty casserole, packed full of vegetables, ideal for all the family HERBY CHICKEN CASSEROLE This is ideal comfort food, I originally made it for my children (dicing the veg super small to make it appealing), but once I tried a spoonful I couldn’t stop eating it! It does take a bit … Read more

Spicy pizza pops

Spicy pizza pops All the pizza-ey goodness without the syns – golden baked pizza bites makes a pizza craving disappear SPICY PIZZA POPS These are just little bites of deliciousness! You have the lovely melted mozzarella, pepperoni and jalapeno, but with a quinoa body they’re low in syns. Perfect dipped in my Best Ever Pizza Sauce … Read more

Chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets Lovely crispy chicken nuggets CHICKEN NUGGETS I love chicken nuggets, and these low syn ones feel like such a treat! These use rice krispies to make the crispy coating, but you can use breadcrumbs made from your HEB brown bread if you want to make them free from syns! Related Recipes

Baked blueberry oats

Baked blueberry oats A nice way to use your HEB oats for a warm, satisfying and filling breakfast BAKED BLUEBERRY OATS I’ve never been a big fan of breakfast, and although most mornings a bowl of shreddies and a piece of fruit have to do for speed, sometimes I just want something different! I really … Read more

Syn-free pancakes

Syn-free pancakes If you want a pancake recipe which is completely syn-free (using your HEB oats), but still really delicious, this is the one SYN-FREE PANCAKES I’ve tried making the quark pancakes, which tasted good, but were impossible to even flip because they just fell apart, and the oat and egg pancakes which again taste … Read more

Homemade pesto

Homemade pesto Fresh pesto tastes very different to shop bought, and this low-syn version is delicious HOMEMADE PESTO This pesto uses lemon juice rather than just olive oil to moisten it, so it’s lower syn than an oil filled one, but it’s a beautifully fresh taste and a very quick and easy meal option if … Read more