BBQ apple pulled pork

BBQ apple pulled pork A delicious and more-ish take on bbq pulled pork using apples for natural sweetness BBQ APPLE PULLED PORK I was given a lovely gift last week- a huge bag of windfall apples! My youngest daughter is not a fruit eater, but she loves stewed apple, and the whole family (apart from … Read more

Orange, soy & ginger chicken and squash traybake

Orange, soy & ginger chicken and squash traybake A very simple to make and tasty oven-cooked dish flavoured with sticky soy & orange sauc ORANGE, SOY AND GINGER CHICKEN AND SQUASH TRAYBAKE I love a dish that you can cook all in one, and I really fancied finding a new way to use butternut squash- … Read more

Harissa & herb Moroccan meatballs

Harissa & herb Moroccan meatballs Delicious moroccan style meatballs HARISSA AND HERB MOROCCAN MEATBALLS Years ago, when I was working in London I would sometimes pick up my lunch in Leon, and one of my absolute favourites was the Moroccan meatballs. They would serve these with brown rice with toasted seeds, and an amazing homemade … Read more

Pulled Persian chicken

Pulled Persian-style chicken A rich and spicy slow-cooked chicken dish infused with warming spices PULLED PERSIAN-STYLE CHICKEN I cooked this dish as an alternative Christmas dinner for a group of friends, a Persian-style feast! It was inspired by a Persian street food stall that had I visited at a Food Festival. I knew that I … Read more

Mexican layered chicken bake

Mexican layered chicken bake A delicious layered mexican dish which tastes so good and is completely guilt-free! MEXICAN LAYERED CHICKEN BAKE Mexican food is a real love of mine, fajitas are often a Saturday night treat for us, but unfortunately wraps generally aren’t wholesome or healthy, so I really wanted to come up with an … Read more

Mini tuna quiches

Mini tuna quiches A tasty little quiche- perfect for snacks, tasters, and christmas parties! MINI TUNA QUICHES I can’t believe that I have never experimented with filo pastry before! It’s so much fun to use, and so easy to use, with the plus-side being that because the sheets are ultra thin it’s super low in … Read more

Guilt-free raspberry and strawberry cheesecake

Guilt-free raspberry and strawberry cheesecake A delicious little treat without any guilt GUILT-FREE RASPBERRY AND STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE I am really quite excited about this recipe… I think it really tastes like a proper treat, but it’s so good it practically has a halo! The oats form the base (and if you are following Slimming World … Read more

Citrus risotto with garlic chilli prawns

Citrus risotto with garlic chilli prawns A gorgeous summery risotto recipe from bill grainger’s open kitchen CITRUS RISOTTO WITH GARLIC CHILLI PRAWNS All the credit for this goes to Bill Grainger- it’s ages since I’ve browsed through the books that I have of his, and I had completely forgotten about this one! It is such … Read more

Homemade barbecue sauce

Homemade barbecue sauce I love this zingy and rich barbecue sauce alongside barbecued meat and vegetables HOMEMADE BARBECUE SAUCE This sauce is a bit of a family tradition for me- my Dad passed down the mantle to me when I was about 14. It’s a bit like George’s Marvellous Medicine, no 2 batches have ever … Read more

Cheeky Nando’s style peri-peri chicken

Cheeky Nando’s style peri-peri chicken I love a cheeky nando’s fakeaway! CHEEKY NANDO’S STYLE PERI PERI CHICKEN I was really late on the Nando’s bandwagon- I always thought I liked the look of it but never had the chance to go, once I went it was confirmed! I love chilli, I love chicken, I love … Read more

Skinny aioli

Skinny aioli Perfect accompaniment to lots of dishes- a super-garlicky and naughty tasting dip/dressing that is fat free. Skinny aioli recipe This skinny aioli stuff is so good! It’s gorgeous with lots of things, in particular I love it with sweet potato wedges, falafel, skinny chicken nuggets and cous-cous salads. It tastes amazing. But don’t … Read more