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Slow-cooked Mexican black bean & shredded salsa chicken

Slow-cooked Mexican black bean & shredded salsa chicken A simple, one-pot, delicious Mexican inspired dish SLOW-COOKED MEXICAN BLACK BEAN AND SHREDDED SALSA CHICKEN This is a great recipe- it’s very quick to throw together in the slow cooker, but the end result is a really delicious Mexican inspired dish which is very versatile- It’s lovely … Read more

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campfire stew

Campfire stew

campfire stew Slow cooked ham in a smoky tomato sauce with beans and vegetables, perfect for those colder days. Slow cooker campfire stew There is a reason that this slow cooker campfire stew is an absolute Slimming World classic. Because of the rich, smoky flavours and tender, fall-apart ham, it makes a great one-pot family … Read more

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Close up shot of slow cooker chicken tikka masala in an oval casserole dish.

Slow cooker chicken tikka masala

Slow cooker chicken tikka masala Satisfyingly creamy and saucy chicken tikka masala, unbelievably easy to do in the slow cooker. Image credit : Chris Terry TICK-TOCK TIKKA MASALA I don’t think you can beat a steaming bowl of creamy, fragrant slow cooker chicken tikka masala, and being able to just put it in the slow-cooker … Read more

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Homemade refried beans (frijoles negros)

Homemade refried beans (frijoles negros) A tasty and healthy mexican inspired side-dish HOMEMADE REFRIED BEANS (FRIJOLES NEGROS) I’ve always been a big fan of refried beans, even when I was a very fussy eater as a child! I love Mexican food, and spent a summer travelling around Mexico 13 years ago. The food was just … Read more

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Enchilada bake

Enchilada bake A delicious mexican-inspired bake. ENCHILADA BAKE This was my solution for not eating loads of wraps when I have fajitas or enchiladas! it’s layered up like a lasagne, using loads of yummy Mexican layers! In this one I used my homemade refried beans (recipe here) and salsa (recipe here), but you can use the Old El Paso refried … Read more

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Slow-cooker salsa

Slow-cooker salsa A lovely rich, spicy salsa. SLOW-COOKER SALSA I’m all for a jar of salsa and that’s usually what I will use if I’m having Mexican, but it’s so easy to do and I really fancied having a go in the slow cooker- this also means no need for the unnecessary amount of oil, … Read more

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One pot chilli mac 'n' cheese - Beef mince coked with cheese and pasta in a blue oven dish sat on a blue tea towel.

One-pot chilli mac ‘n’ cheese

One-pot chilli mac ‘n’ cheese The ultimate comfort food mash-up! Chilli mac ‘n’ cheese recipe I live for a one-pot wonder and this one-pot chilli mac ‘n’ cheese ticks all the boxes! I love cooking, but I also love finding ways to simplify meals and make them easy and hassle-free to make without compromising on … Read more

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Tex-Mex quiche

Tex-Mex quiche Easy to make and full of flavour, this tex-mex quiche is a lunchtime winner! TEX-MEX QUICHE I was talking to my lovely friend Katrin (who blogs over Sugar Free Londoner) the other day about pastry alternatives, and realised that it was ages since I had made my favourite pastry-alternative quiche, using a sweet potato crust. … Read more

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Silver baking tray with chicken in fajita mix with red and yellow chopped peppers

Chicken fajita traybake

Chicken fajita traybake Chicken, onions and peppers mixed with a fajita spice mix and baked together in one tray for hands free healthy dinner. Photo credit – Chris Terry CHICKEN FAJITA TRAYBAKE This satisfying, spicy chicken fajita traybake is so easy to make with the traybake method. Simply chuck in all of the ingredients and … Read more