Herby lentil & potato stew

Herby lentil & potato stew A simple and hassle free stew full of savoury goodness Herby lentil and potato stew recipe A recently published study by the World Health Organisation concluded that eating more fibre reduces the chance of heart disease and early death. I’ve been conscious of how much fibre my family are getting in their … Read more

Chicken katsu curry

chicken katsu curry Chicken that’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with a rich & delicious curry sauce- step-by-step instructions on how to make a killer chicken katsu curry using HOW TO MAKE THE BEST CHICKEN KATSU CURRY Chicken katsu curry is one of my favourite treat meals- the crispy coated chicken … Read more

Easy one-pot BBQ chicken

Easy one-pot BBQ chicken Smoky, rich bbq chicken bursting with flavour EASY ONE-POT BBQ CHICKEN I had some sweet potatoes and some chicken thighs that needed using up this week, and BBQ chicken seemed like the obvious way to go- I often make this type of dish in the slow cooker, but I wanted a … Read more

Slow-cooker beef brisket with rich onion gravy

Slow-cooker beef brisket with rich onion gravy Beef brisket cooked to tender perfection in a rich onion gravy in the slow-cooker SLOW-COOKER BEEF BRISKET WITH RICH ONION GRAVY I love beef, and particularly when it is slow-cooked- that tender, fall apart texture can’t be beaten! Beef brisket is one of the cheaper cuts to buy … Read more

Pip’s favourite spaghetti bolognese recipe

Pip’s favourite spaghetti bolognese recipe A richly delicious bolognese recipe which is super quick to throw together and tastes amazing every time! PIP’S FAVOURITE SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE RECIPE I have posted a lot of bolognese recipes since I started this blog- but I love experimenting to find that magical formula for a really good brew! This … Read more

Oxo roast potatoes

Oxo roast potatoes An easy and low fat way to make delicious roast potatoes which are syn free on slimming world WHY ARE OXO ROAST POTATOES SUCH A SLIMMING WORLD CLASSIC? Oxo roast potatoes are almost guaranteed to come up on your radar when you join Slimming World. Creating a tasty roast potato that is … Read more

BBQ apple pulled pork

BBQ apple pulled pork A delicious and more-ish take on bbq pulled pork using apples for natural sweetness BBQ APPLE PULLED PORK I was given a lovely gift last week- a huge bag of windfall apples! My youngest daughter is not a fruit eater, but she loves stewed apple, and the whole family (apart from … Read more

Lentil and bacon soup

Lentil and bacon soup Filling, delicious, hearty soup! LENTIL AND BACON SOUP Lentils and bacon are just one of those combinations that work so well. I always make a big batch as it freezes really well and is perfect for a quick, filling lunch if you are stuck. I’ve also found that this is really … Read more

Delicious sausage & lentil casserole

Delicious sausage & lentil casserole A fantastic all-in-one meal, filling, satisfying and healthy! DELICIOUS SAUSAGE AND LENTIL CASSEROLE I think one of the nicest things about Autumn is getting back into casseroles! I absolutely adore one-pot comfort food, partly because anything that you can cook all in one pot is a total winner in terms … Read more

Triple-layer chocolate french toast

Triple-layer chocolate french toast If you need to brighten up breakfast time, this is the perfect way to have a gorgeous but healthy treat TRIPLE-LAYERED CHOCOLATE FRENCH TOAST French toast makes a fantastic breakfast, as it’s as much as a treat as pancakes but it’s so quick and easy to make. Last week I had … Read more

Roasted butternut squash soup

Roasted butternut squash soup A hassle-free butternut squash that is rich and tasty ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP There’s just something so cosy about eating butternut squash soup! It feels like the perfect Autumn/Winter lunch. I love soup but sometimes find it a bit of a faff to make, which is why I have recently started … Read more