Bonfire Night stew

Bonfire Night stew A super-easy slow-cooker dish perfect for chilly autumn evenings and packed with goodness BONFIRE NIGHT STEW You may have seen the very popular slow-cooker campfire stew- this is a similar idea, but I wanted proper homemade baked beans instead of tinned ones for this. It’s so quick to make, with minimal work … Read more

Close up shot of slow cooker chicken tikka masala in an oval casserole dish.

Slow cooker chicken tikka masala

Slow cooker chicken tikka masala Satisfyingly creamy and saucy chicken tikka masala, unbelievably easy to do in the slow cooker. Image credit : Chris Terry TICK-TOCK TIKKA MASALA I don’t think you can beat a steaming bowl of creamy, fragrant slow cooker chicken tikka masala, and being able to just put it in the slow-cooker … Read more

One pot chilli mac 'n' cheese - Beef mince coked with cheese and pasta in a blue oven dish sat on a blue tea towel.

One-pot chilli mac ‘n’ cheese

One-pot chilli mac ‘n’ cheese The ultimate comfort food mash-up! Chilli mac ‘n’ cheese recipe I live for a one-pot wonder and this one-pot chilli mac ‘n’ cheese ticks all the boxes! I love cooking, but I also love finding ways to simplify meals and make them easy and hassle-free to make without compromising on … Read more

Tomato, basil & orzo soup

Tomato, basil & orzo soup An easy, filling and delicious soup TOMATO, BASIL AND ORZO SOUP I’ve been trying to cook soup more for easy lunches as it’s so handy to make in big batches and just reheat, but I do often find that I’m hungry an hour after eating it unless I’ve had bread … Read more

Slow-cooker pork & apple stew

Slow-cooker pork & apple stew Cheat along the way using frozen, pre-prepared ingredients for this hearty and satisfying comfort food! SLOW-COOKER PORK AND APPLE STEW I’ve been embracing all things frozen over the past 12 months, and I love having frozen products stocked up for easy meals! I have to say I’ve always hated chopping … Read more