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Crushed pea, mint, lemon and asparagus salad

This recipe is from the lovely Katie Pix, and put together to go perfectly with the Saucy Fish Company's smoked haddock with vintage cheddar and chive sauce. It's a perfect summer salad- easily pre-prepared so that you can just whip it out of the fridge whenever you are ready!  

Thai carrot and red cabbage salad

We recently had a lovely weekend away where our hosts cooked the most amazing meals- they were catering for 11 adults and 4 children and they went to so much time and effort to feed us all. All of the food was delicious and I've asked for all the recipes, but one of the absolute stars was a grated vegetable salad which had Thai flavours. It's really something that I would never have thought of doing and it's really inspired me! I don't yet have that specific recipe, but we were heading ...

Goodlife ready meals: Review

Goodlife recently asked me if I would like to try out their ready meals. I think if this had been my first encounter I might have said no- I never really buy ready meals, and I wouldn't naturally seek out a vegetarian products. But actually a little while ago I reviewed some of the other products in the Goodlife frozen range and I was so impressed by how tasty it was that I thought I would give these a go! Goodlife have been working with British farmers for 25 years to create family-frie...

Goodlife vegetarian frozen range

I've never really been one for convenience food, and then when it gets to an evening when I really can't face cooking I kick myself as I have nothing to fall back on and have to still cook from scratch! When Goodlife contacted me asking if I would like to try their vegetarian frozen range I decided to give it a go- I thought if we liked it it would be perfect for us and the kids as the whole range is stuffed full of good stuff and we are often thinking that we should try to have a few more ...

Lentil, aubergine and butternut squash bake

I adapted this recipe for Slimming World from a BBC Good Food recipe (click here). I love my meat and often when I eat vegetarian food I miss it! This recipe, however, is so tasty and filling that I didn't miss it at all! I really recommend trying to get the puy lentils for these rather than substituting them- don't buy the pre-cooked ones which cost a fortune, but the dry ones are much cheaper and you don't need to soak them overnight so they are super quick to do.  

Baby spinach and mint salad

The recipe for this salad was alongside the Oozy mushroom risotto, but it's so good that I think it stands alone! I've had it with pastas, risottos and meats, it's very versatile. It does have a certain 'treat' element to it as you wouldn't usually make a synned salad, but this is definitely worth it for the addition of pinenuts, sundried tomatoes, and a little oil. However you could remove all the syns and it would still be a nice side salad. If you hadn't already used your Healthy Extra B ...

Oozy mushroom risotto

This risotto is so tasty, and adapted here to be only 2 syns per portion. It does take a little bit of effort, you won't be able to leave it alone for the half an hour or so that it takes to cook,  but I really recommend it for a special occasion or a weekend treat dinner, it's a winner! Serve it with the Spinach and mint salad.