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How to make the best chicken katsu curry, with Frylight

One of the key changes I have made to the way I cook in the last few years is a reduction in the amount of oil that I use. I always used to glug in the olive oil thinking of it as ‘healthy fat’, but the truth is, if you are working on reducing the calories that you consume in order to lose weight, then cutting down on oils is one of the easiest changes to make, and all oils and fats are full of calories, even if they are presented as the ‘healthy option’- in fact coconut oil has a ...

Simply delicious crispy chicken

I learnt this little secret from Annabel Karmel's toddler cookery book! Rice Krispies make an amazing crispy coating for chicken- It's nicer than any unhealthy fried chicken! Every time I have made these for my kids I have ended up unable to resist them... so just gave in and made them for myself!  

Chicken katsu curry

I used to work almost next to a Wagamama so it was an occasional lunchtime treat and I could never resist the chicken katsu curry. A little look on the Slimming World app tells me that the proper version is 29.5 syns! In those days, pre-children I wasn't having to worry about my weight, but I'm not sure I could eat the real thing now that I know how high in syns it is. This version has just 3 syns (for the cornflakes, honey and flour) and tastes so authentic- a real treat dinner without ...