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Perfect Slimming World chips


A great cheat to make a crispy chip without having to par-boll and shake up!

10 mins

30 mins

332 kcals

serves 4


I’ve made a lot of Slimming World friendly chips since starting- I love that they feel like such a treat but are syn-free. I’ve tried out lots of methods, and this is a great one to get a lovely crispy chip without the faff of par-boiling and shaking up (or even pre-microwaving as some do). The secret is instant mashed potato, and a little combination of spices which add a lovely flavour. I also love my crinkle chip cutter as there’s something so appealing looking about crinkle cut chips! I also have a chip mesh which I bought on ebay (very cheap) which allows them to brown and crisp all over.

Perfect Slimming World chips

Servings: 2
An easy way to make delicious chips without using lots of fat! 
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15 mins
30 mins


  • 4 large potatoes cut into chips
  • 1 beef oxo cube
  • Fry light


  • As you are preparing the chips, put them into a pan of cold water. Once all done, give them a good shake around in the water and drain them.
  • Refill the pan with cold water to cover the chips, and sprinkle in the Oxo cube
  • Bring the pan up to the boil, and then simmer the chips for a further 6 minutes
  • Drain the chips in a colander, and allow them to steam for 3-4 minutes to get rid of excess moisture.
  • Pop the chips back into the empty pan, and spray them all over with Fry light. Give them a stir and repeat a few times- this should fully coat them and also ruffle up the outsides a bit to help with a crisp in the oven
  • Pour onto a chip mesh (or pizza tray) or just a regular baking tray and bake for around 25-30 minutes at 180c until golden brown and crispy on the outiside.
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