Healthy extras pizza

Delicious, freshly baked syn-free (or very low syn) pizza using your Slimming World healthy extras! 

Although this isn’t a recipe as such, it’s been one of the more popular posts on my Facebook page (click here) and Instagram (click here).

If you are following Slimming World there are certain wholemeal bread mixes that can be your healthy extra b choice (60g made up), and therefore the perfect vehicle for a delicious homemade pizza!

I used the Asda Chosen by you wholemeal bread mix, and at the time of writing this (1st April 2016) you can also use Aldi ‘The Pantry’ Crusty Wholemeal Bread Mix.

I top with my Best Ever Pizza Sauce (which I think really tastes like authentic takeaway pizza sauce, and is also super healthy with carrots and tomatoes whizzed in) and grated cheddar.

If you want the pizza to be syn free then you need to keep the dough to a 60g portion, and the cheese to a 30g portion (for cheddar), but if you fancy a bigger pizza then it’s still beautifully low syn- just add 6 syns per 60g dough, and 5 syns per 25g cheddar. Just as a little comparison, one of the Pizza Express 245g pizzas from the supermarket is 31 syns!



My Recipe

Syns: Free (for 60g dough/30g cheese)
Healthy Extra: A&B


  • 1 packet wholemeal bread mix (Asda Chosen by you or Aldi The Pantry Crusty can both be a healthy extra B at the time of writing)
  • 1 batch of my Best Ever Pizza sauce (see above for link to recipe)
  • cheddar or mozzarella cheese (healthy extra portion for 1 person is 30g cheddar, or 50g mozzarella)
  • Any pizza toppings of your choice- mushrooms, peppers, jalapneos, chicken....


  1. Make up the bread mix according to packet instructions, and divide the dough into 60g portions (obviously you can make bigger pizzas, just make sure you syn the extra dough!). I freeze any dough that I am not using in portions wrapped in clingfilm
  2. Roll your chosen amount of dough into a ball, and then roll into a nice thin base. Pop onto a pizza tray, or just a baking tray if you don't have a pizza one (crispier base from a pizza tray though)
  3. Spread over my syn-free best ever pizza sauce, and sprinkle with your chosen amount of cheese. Top with any chosen toppings.
  4. Bake at the top of an oven heated to 180c for 8 minutes

Additional Info

These are also lovely cold if you want to batch cook for lunches and there is lots of scope for adding lots of speed foods as toppings!

6 Replies to "Healthy extras pizza"

  • Maria 15th April 2016 (10:41 pm)

    Do you know how much bread mix is equivalent to a healthy extra B, I would like to use the mix in other recipes?

  • Sharon 16th April 2016 (10:01 pm)

    60g is the hexb amount … made up weight ie dough weight before cooking

  • Nichola 10th May 2016 (7:31 pm)

    Couple of questions?!
    Hi, I am trying this recipe this evening and these are probably really obvious questions but a couple of things I am unsure of?

    Do you follow the bread mix recipe by weighing out the 60g of dough before rolling out flat for the pizza base and then leaving it for a final rise? Or do you let the dough rise for the final time and then weigh and roll? Or not let it have a final rise at all? I have followed the instructions, weighed out 60g, rolled into a base and left for a final rise? Is this wrong?

    Also, 60g is only weighing as a tiny bit of dough? I think I may be doing something wrong?!

    Thanks in advance! Xx

    • theslimmingfoodie 12th May 2016 (2:30 pm)

      hi- I’m so sorry I couldn’t reply in time to help when you needed it! I weight out the dough as soon as it’s made into 60g portions, and then roll it flat. 60g does make a small pizza- I usually have alongside something else or just a a quick lunch, and if I’m having it for dinner I’ll do with swet potato wedges and salad, or do 120g and count 6 syns (this makes a nice size pizza!) I don’t bother with letting it rise. Hope you enjoyed it!

  • Louise 25th May 2016 (2:29 pm)

    Is the bread mix in a packet that looks like flour, or is it in one of those smaller plastic packets like for batter? I think i’ve found the right one but it’s a 500g packet that looks like flour but is called ‘crusty wholemeal bread mix’. Don’t want to get the wrong one! Thanks 🙂 xx

    • theslimmingfoodie 26th May 2016 (8:48 am)

      Yes that sounds right! It looks like a bag of flour!