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🎄If you’re gifting a book this Christmas here’s a lovely way to wrap it! With a cookbook you could add a wooden spoon or a little packet of spices, or if it’s a novel you could add a nice bookmark into the pocket on the front 💖🎄
⭐️Slow-cooker pork and apple stew⭐️ perfect one-pot comfort food 🍎🍏 A hearty stew packed full of vegetables which is all cooked together for an easy dinner option that the whole family will love!
Have you tried this crispy honey soy chicken recipe yet? It’s really delicious 😋

Find the full recipe by clicking the link in my bio : https://www.theslimmingfoodie.com/crispy-honey-soy-chicken/
⭐️Hob granola⭐️

Once you’ve tried this you will never go back to shop bought granola- it tastes so much better (the toasty seeds and nuts make the flavour next level) and it’s much lower in sugar.

You can customise it with your favourite nuts and seeds (or ones that you pick up on special offer!)- I always use a cheap base of oats and then add in what I’ve got- find a retailer such as Buywholefoodsonline to bulk buy good value seeds. In my most recent batch I am using slightly out of date crushed peanuts that I got from Roger’s wholesale. It works out way cheaper than buying ready made granola. 

I serve mine as a topping for yoghurt and fruit- so I have a pretty small portion every time which works really well for me and keeps me full until lunch!

You can also customise this with your favourite flavours- at the moment I’m into cinnamon and honey, but I also occasionally add vanilla extract, or use golden syrup or maple syrup.
⭐️ Oozy, cheesy tomato & gnocchi bake ⭐️ this is the best sort of one pot comfort food- gnocchi in a rich tomato sauce with melty cheese. Its very quick to throw together. I seeve this one green veg such as broccoli and peas ❤️
⭐️ Hedgehog chicken⭐️ This is one of our favourite family friendly dinners. Cutting the chicken in this way helps it to cook evenly, quickly, and to absorb all of those lovely flavours. I serve it here with new potatoes and green beans, but you can simply add your family’s favourite sides!

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⭐️ Slow-cooker Chinese style pulled pork⭐️

This shredded pork with a Chinese inspired sauce is bursting with flavour and couldn’t be easier to make! Serve it with rice and stir-fried vegetables, in wraps with lettuce and cucumber, or even as a bao bun filling! Delicious! #slowcooker #easymeals #theslimmingfoodie
⭐️New cookbook! Easy Meals Every Day⭐️

🛒Pre-order here 👉👉👉 https://amzn.to/45UhTFq

📗I’m thrilled to announce my new cookbook! I’ve always got my eye on how to make things in the kitchen easier for everyday home cooks, so this book has a chapter for every day of the week to take the stress out of meal-planning!

⏰Perfect for home cooks of all levels, these recipes are fuss-free and use everyday ingredients that won’t break the bank. As well as a chapter for each day of the week, there are four weekly meal plans and shopping lists, and plenty of ideas for sides and sweet treats.

🎉The book is out in April 2024 (in the UK) and you can already pre-order here on Amazon if you would like to: https://amzn.to/45UhTFq

❤️Please note that the price currently reflects the full cover price, and through past experience we can expect that this will drop significantly prior to release. If you pre-order now Amazon will apply it’s price guarantee, which means it will honour the lowest price that the book appears at before publication (even if the price only drops for a short period of time. )

#Slimmingworld #caloriecounting  #theslimmingfoodie #slimmingfoodie #healthyrecipes #easyrecipes #food #foodie #foodblogger #familyrecipes