Warm cookie s’mores with Maryland Thins

I’ve always loved Maryland cookies- the generous chocolate chip to cookie ratio, and the excellent value for money meant they always used to be my cookie of choice! These days, while I’m on my weight-loss journey, I try not to have cookies in the house, as I am not good with willpower, and sweet snacks are my main downfall!

I was therefore excited to see that they had released their new ‘Maryland thins’- the same tasty chocolate chip cookie, but a lighter, crispy and lower calorie version. The 2 flavours are milk & dark chocolate, and salted caramel, and 2 cookies are only 79 calories (or 4 syns on Slimming World), so they make a fantastic little sweet snack alongside a cup of tea (very dunkable!).

Of course, being me, I couldn’t just leave it there- these cookies were crying out for being turned into a slightly more indulgent (but still very sensible) sweet snack, and I knew exactly what I wanted to try with them.

Who’s heard of s’mores? In the UK we could be forgiven for having no idea what they are, but I’ve often seen them come up and thought ‘they look GOOD’- basically it’s an American campfire snack of 2 Graham crackers sandwiching together marshmallows and chocolate!

So I thought these lovely little thin cookies would be perfect for making cookie s’mores! As an added bonus, they are the perfect size to fit into bun trays, so you can keep them together really nicely while baking. I’ve made 4 varieties of these you can see by watching the video below)

Warm cookie s'mores

1. Plain marshmallow (5 syns): 2 cookies, 1 marshmallow

2. Peanut butter & marshmallow (6.5 syns): 2 cookies, 1 tsp peanut butter, 1 marshmallow

3. Giant chocolate button & marshmallow (6 syns):  2 cookies, 1 giant Cadbury’s chocolate button, 1 marshmallow

4. Sprinkles & marshmallow (6 syns): 2 cookies, 1 tsp sprinkles

Now these really are more than a sum of their parts, the oven-baking gives the cookies that freshly baked aroma and taste, the marshmallow melts and oozes inside, and when you bite into them they are just heavenly!

Watch the video here!


Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Maryland Cookies, and I was paid for my time.  All words and images are my own.

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