Top 10 buys when you start Slimming World

It’s a big step to start Slimming World- It takes courage to walk into a room full of people that you don’t know, and talk about your dietary habits in front of them, it also means that you actually have to face up to that weight on the scales- not only does it tend to be at the end of the day so you can’t do the pre-shower empty-stomach weigh, but also it’s actually having someone else see that figure, write it down and realise what a journey you have ahead of you to get to a healthy weight.

You soon realise that it’s such a supportive community- everyone is in it together, and not only is there no judgement (the reason we are all there, for the most part, is that we all love food), but it’s an amazing place to learn about how to adjust the way that you eat to become more healthy- it’s not a starvation diet- it’s a lifestyle change that will get you to look at the way you are eating and realise where you have been making the unhealthy choices. And the reason everyone loves it? Because it is a bit of a secret club- we have our own way of talking about food, and almost everywhere you go you will meet people who are also doing it- AND IT WORKS! I was on a course recently for School Governors, we were all having a bit of a stilted lunchtime conversation when I dropped in that I was on Slimming World- and it turned out that nearly everyone on the table was either doing, or had done Slimming World- there was a lady there who had reached her goal weight (someone who looked like she must have always been slim), plus a few of us still on the journey. It’s just amazing how many of us are doing this!

Anyway, when you start it is a bit scary. For my first week I barely ate anything- I was too scared that I was going to eat the wrong thing, but I wasn’t doing it right, as I was constantly hungry! So now, as someone who has been going for over a year and slowly but surely losing my weight, here are my top 10 buys for someone starting out on Slimming World:


1. Frylight: You will get through a lot of Frylight on this journey! It’s often on offer, so it’s worth stocking up when it is!  This is one of the most important buys as you need it for the very important Slimming World chips! (Find my favourite Slimming World chips recipe here) I also love the spray oils which most supermarkets do and which are perfect if you’d rather avoid using a low calorie cooking spray. You can also buy a bottle from Amazon and make your own oil spray!

chipe meshchipd

2. Chip mesh: chips (again!) -I think that you get the best results for Slimming world chips by using a chip mesh – it allows them to cook evenly all over for a lovely crispy chip. You can often pick them up in the Pound Shop or Home Bargains, I’ve seen them in Aldi, or you can get one on Amazon (click here to see chip mesh on Amazon)

15 eggssticky toffee pudding mug cakequiche2

3. Eggs: I know it sounds pretty basic, but they are SUCH a healthy, filling and versatile thing! Not only can you make some pretty good Slimming World cakes (my favourites are sticky toffee pudding mug cake and 1/2 syn brownies), but you can make gorgeous quiches which take away the need for bread at lunchtime (check out this gorgeous mushroom and spinach quiche with a sweet potato crust!)!), and you can even use them to make my naughty-tasting Slimmer’s chocmallow doughnut- watch the recipe video here and 1 syn jam doughnut! Eggs are amazing- I buy boxes of 12 or 15 free-range eggs from the supermarket which are great value!

franks sauce

4. Franks Buffalo Wings Sauce/ Sriracha hot sauce: Obviously this one’s only if you are a chilli fan (which I am!), but both these sauces are fab-  I add them to all sorts of meals and they are super low-syn (1/2 syn for 3 tablespoons!)

5. Good non-stick pans and baking trays: Without using oil (or much oil), stir frying isn’t quite what it used to be, and it will help you so much if you have good non-stick pans. I got all of mine in TK Maxx years ago and they are still going strong, I think it’s worth the investment, you will be doing a lot of cooking!

asda bread mixSlimming world syn free pizza

6. Asda Chosen by You wholemeal bread mix: You can use this as your Healthy Extra B (60g, cooked weight) and it’s so versatile! I use it to make this delicious pizza, and these yummy pasties. At the time of writing this post (and please check because it often changes when brands change their ingredients) you can also use the Aldi wholemeal bread mix as a healthy extra.

kingsmill-tasty-wholemeal-sandwich-thinssteak bake

7.Kingsmill wholemeal thins: These are a healthy extra B, and so great to keep in the freezer if you need to make a quick sandwich or toastie. They are also what you need to make my most popular recipe of all time- the Gregg’s style Fake Steak Bake! You can get them at Tescos.

curly wurlyfreddo

8. Curly Wurlys/Freddos: Sometimes you just need chocolate, and these are a great low-syn option. Curly Wurlys (6 syns each for 26g bar) are ideal as they take quite long to eat as they are so chewy (some people even freeze them), and Freddos just knock a chocolate craving on the head in only 5 syns!


9. Herbs and Spices: This is a bit general, but this is how you will make your food taste amazing! You will end up with an enviable spice rack, I use something from mine every day. My most used are probably garlic powder and onion granules which I use for Best Ever Pizza Sauce and Chicken Pizzaiola, and all of the curry spices! Oh and chilli powder!

porridgeblueberry baked ouats with almonds and cinnamoncheesecake 2 healthy strawberry raspberry cheesecake

10. Oats: Last but definitely not least! Porridge oats are an absolute must. 40g is your Healthy Extra B for the day and you can make some amazing things with oats! My very favourite is baked oats- I make Blueberry baked oats, raspberry baked oats, blackcurrant jam baked oats... they are all just gorgeous and perfect served with fat free natural yoghurt and fresh berries. Yum! Overnight oats are also fab, and you can even use them as a cheesecake base… or carrot and orange oat cookies! Yes, I do love oats!

Well, that’s the top 10- there are lots more- maybe the next list is top 50! Thanks to everyone for their input on the Facebook Page!

Please note that this post contains some affiliate links which means that if you click and buy, I may receive a (very tiny!) commission!

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