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Top 10 Saturday Night Fakeaways

  I always try and make our Saturday night dinners a bit of a treat- as we have young children so are very unlikely to be out and about having a social life it's nice to have something to look forward to! Luckily for me, where I live (Ivybridge in South Devon) the takeaways are really bad, so the couple of times that we have decided to treat ourselves I've found myself with severe food anger about paying so much money for such rubbish food! At least it means that this isn't ever a ...

Takeaway chicken chow mein

This is a real classic, it's tasty enough to stand in for a takeaway, and it's very easy to do. Also a great way to get lots of veg incorporated into your main! From the Slimming World website: http://www.slimmingworld.com/recipes/chinese-chicken-chowmein.aspx