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Sweet potato and coconut curry

Approaching a long-awaited winter break in the Lake District with a group of friends that I hadn't seen for 2 years, I had offered to cook on the Saturday night, and knew that I needed something that was both vegetarian (my friend Feebs was trialling a vegetarian month), and didn't involve a huge amount of concentration (as there was likely to be a lot of nattering!). I have made a sweet potato and lentil curry before, but this time I wanted to have a slightly more indulgent version with the ...

Vegan mushroom, chickpea and green lentil curry

This curry was inspired by one that my sister-in-law cooked when I was staying with her up in London- why had I never thought of combining chickpeas and lentils into one dish? I always find chickpea curries a bit too much without anything to break up the chickpeas, but mixed with lentils they just add a fantastic consistency and bulk. My brother and sister-in-law have been so lovely about having my husband and I to stay over the past few years- when we left London for Devon we envisaged ...

Slow-cooker sweet potato and red lentil curry

I'm just back from a week away in Italy and I have overdosed on pasta and pizza for the moment, I came back really fancying a curry, and as I haven't had the chance to get to the shops yet it had to be made from the things in my cupboards. I love that sweet potatoes last so long- I always have them in the cupboard as they are such a useful ingredient! This curry is lovely on its own- the lentils take away a little of the richness of the sweet potatoes so that you can enjoy this without rice ...

Firecracker prawn curry

I adapted this recipe for Slimming World from the Phaidon India book which is the bible of curries (See it here). This prawn curry is just delicious- I like them hot (and this one is not for the faint-hearted but it's so satisfying to eat) and just has a perfect balance of flavours. This is perfect served with my spinach and carrot pilau rice - click here  

Easy chicken curry

This recipe is from Slimming World's online recipe collection (Slimming World chicken curry), and is very simple to do, therefore foolproof! What I love about it is that there is lots of sauce, but as it's tomato based there are no syns. They suggest serving it with chargrilled broccoli and beans which is the perfect accompaniment.