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Roasted butternut squash soup

There's just something so cosy about eating butternut squash soup! It feels like the perfect Autumn/Winter lunch. I love soup but sometimes find it a bit of a faff to make, which is why I have recently started making tray bake soups (such as this traybake tomato and basil soup)- throw everything together and roast it and you get a lovely rich flavour, but no pre-frying or standing over the hob! The potato added to this one gives it a creaminess without adding cream, and it's lovely ...

Ham and split pea soup

This is the ideal slow cooker soup- just throw everything in and leave it and it turns into a yummy hearty soup! The ham becomes fall-apart tender and the split peas break down forming a thick soup. The only slight pain is remembering to soak the split peas the night before!    

Slow-cooker butternut squash and ginger soup

This is my favourite soup to make as I always have a butternut squash around (because they last for so long it's perfect back-up food) and it really is so easy to do. The ginger adds spice and lovely flavour, perfect for a warming Autumn or Winter lunch.