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Oxo roast potatoes

This simple method makes very tasty roast potatoes, moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. A beef stock cube is perfect alongside roast beef, or you can do it with a chicken stock cube!

How to make perfect syn-free roast potatoes

  One of the joys of Slimming World is that you can still enjoy a good roast! In fact, it's a perfect Slimming World meal! Roasting the meat drains away the fat, it's easy to fill up your plate with 1/3 speed foods, there's a syn-free gravy recipe here: (click here to see syn-free gravy recipe) and here is my method for making perfect syn-free roast potatoes every time (and I think they taste even better than fat covered ones!): 1. Peel potatoes (I usually use maris piper) ...

Perfect roast potatoes

My favourite method for cooking roast potatoes has always been in lard, it makes really nice roast potatoes. BUT I hate to think about how unhealthy they are- I've not really wanted to make 'healthy' roast potatoes before as I worry they will be too dry, but this method really does make lovely potatoes that wouldn't compare unfavourably with the ones dripping in grease!