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Easy healthy tuna pasta bake

A simple classic, this easy tuna pasta bake uses easy to source and storecupboard ingredients, is quick to throw together and will be a hit with the whole family! I use Primula cheese as the base- I always have this in the fridge as it's my go-to ingredient for macaroni cheese, easy pasta dishes, lasagne and marmite macaroni! Once you squeeze this onto the hot, cooked pasta, it melts in easily as you stir it. I have just used 1 tin of tuna in this recipe, partly because I am trying to be ...

Meatball pasta bake

Ask any of my old flatmates the dishes that they most remember me for, and I think they would probably say 'meatballs'! I've always loved cooking them (and eating them!). Meatballs and spaghetti was the first meal I ever made for my now husband (although that was a total disaster, I added a whole scotch bonnet chilli and it was HOTTER THAN THE SUN!) , he was so polite and sat and ate it all, the sweat pouring down his face! My old 'classic' meatball recipe had an incredibly rich sauce, ...

Harissa & herb Moroccan meatballs

Years ago, when I was working in London I would sometimes pick up my lunch in Leon, and one of my absolute favourites was the Moroccan meatballs. They would serve these with brown rice with toasted seeds, and an amazing homemade coleslaw (and I HATE normal coleslaw, but this was lovely and crunchy and not covered in sloppy mayonnaise!). Unfortunately we don't have Leon restaurants down in Devon, but I do have 2 of their cookbooks, which I have used SO much! This one is the absolute classic ...

Easy chilli garlic meatballs

There's nothing more satisfying than a big plate of meatballs! I've always loved them ever since watching Lady and the Tramp share a romantic plateful. Equally it can be a bit of a faff to make and I'm all for the easy life, so I've come up with this version which is so so quick to prepare, but tastes so good every time! The key to this is that the sauce doesn't involve any chopping or standing over the cooker, it's just blended and then left to simmer. It's also a real lesson in how ...

Spicy turkey meatballs

Meatballs are one of my favourite dishes, and I make loads of different versions! Pre-slimming I used to make a sauce which used cocoa powder and wine and it was a bit of a signature dish, but I have recently gone a bit more back to basics with my meatball sauces, and with this one I definitely think it pays off to keep it simple! It's very garlicky though, so don't have this the night before a date or a job interview! I also use the food processor here as personally I like a lump-free ...

Spicy meatball marinara bake

  I made this up with leftovers from my Pizza topped giant meatballs recipe (click here) and it was so tasty I thought it deserved it's own slot! It might look like a lot of work for one meal, but I often have a batch of the Best Ever Pizza Sauce (click here) made up, as my youngest daughter loves pizza, and it makes a great sauce for last minute meals, and if you've only fed 2 with the giant meatballs recipe, you could always freeze half the meatballs and save them for this!

Pizza topped giant meatballs

I love meatballs, there's something so satisfying about them- I think that this was inspired by the Subway meatball marinara sub which I used to occasionally enjoy for lunch when I worked near a subway- I used to love every mouthful! I've used quinoa in the meatballs to keep them super-healthy, although you can substitute this for wholemeal breadcrumbs if you prefer.

Pork and quinoa meatballs

I used quinoa in these meatballs as an alternative to using breadcrumbs, to keep this meal free of syns. The sauce recipe is the one that Slimming World suggest to go with their frozen meatballs from Iceland, it's a lovely tasty sauce so I haven't changed a thing!