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Honey-roasted butternut squash and sweet potato soup

I created this recipe for Devon Life magazine , I love squash soups, especially in autumn, it really feels like 'comfort food'. I think that roasting the squash and sweet potato in a bit of honey gives it such a rich flavour.  I tend to always have a butternut squash and some sweet potatoes in the cupboard as they keep so well- this makes it the perfect lunch to whip up when I haven't had the chance to get to the shops!    

Roasted cocoa and spiced pumpkin soup

Roasting the pumpkin for this recipe actually saves a lot of work as you don't have to spend ages removing the skin and chopping the pumpkin up- Once you have slow-roasted it, you can just scoop out the rich flesh ready to whizz into a delicious soup! Just a note about pumpkins- the big ones meant for carving unfortunately have very poor flavour- I don't recommend turning these into soup although it seems a shame to waste it! Instead, make sure that you buy one which is either labelled ...