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Mini ham and mushroom quiches

Using the ham to make a cupe for the little quiches not only keeps them tidily together, but adds a lovely base to the egg, with some lovely crispy bits around the edges.  

Pastry-free pork pie

Picnics can be difficult when you are trying to follow a healthy eating plan- sausage rolls and pork pies are off the menu! This twist on a pork pie is the answer, easy to transport, easy to eat and nice and filling without all the fattening pastry! Instead, courgettes are used as a 'case'. The syns it contains are also only in the brown bread, so you can always count it as your Healthy extra b and then it's completely syn free.    

Pea and mint soup with green chilli cheese toasties

This is a great recipe for those days when your cupboards are bare- if you're like me you'll always have peas in the freezer and at least an old onion hanging around and you can whip up this fresh-tasting soup so quickly! It's a go-to for me when I've got unexpected guests coming or have just run out of other healthy options for lunch. It's perfectly lovely without the green chilli cheese toasties, but I think they make it into something really rather special, and only use up 1/2 of your ...