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Mediterranean style lamb kebab

I'm still discovering what my Tefal Actifry can do, I've recently received some recipe challenges from Tefal, and this was my second! My challenge from Tefal was to create a healthy Mediterranean style kebab recipe. I wasn't sure how easy this would be to do in the Actifry, but was so happy with the results! I love any recipe where you can throw in all of the ingredients and then leave it to look after itself, and this was a perfect example of this! I ...

Zesty chicken nuggets

Ever since I first saw the advert for a Tefal Actifry I have coveted one- a way to make crispy golden chips with the smallest amount of oil! But that was all I really knew it could do, so when Tefal offered me the chance to try and Actifry and gave me some recipe challenges, I was excited to see what else the Actifry could do! My first challenge from Tefal was to create a healthy chicken nugget recipe. I was happy about this one as I love chicken nuggets! You can watch here how I made ...

Simple chicken stir-fry

It's so easy to overcomplicate things like stir-fries- I have 2 fairly fussy little eaters on my hands and this is the stir-fry I make for them which is very quick and simple, but still tastes really good! They love the carrot in ribbons- usually one will only eat cooked carrots and one will only eat raw, I do a mix with the ribbons and they both eat both!