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One-pot chilli mac’n’cheese

I live for a one-pot wonder! I love cooking, but I also love finding ways top simplify meals and make them easy and hassle-free to make without compromising on taste. Comfort food is my thing, and I always love it when Autumn kicks in and I feel really justified in cooking up big pots of comfort food! Some of my favourites are beef & Guinness casserole, smoky chilli con carne, pork and apple stew and Brazilian pork stew The brilliant thing about these types of meals is that it's ...


This is my version of Nigella's 'brocamole' idea- she in turn credits the idea to Ludo Lefebvre, who did a purely broccoli version with no avocado. I adore fresh guacamole, and although avocados are very good for you and full of 'healthy' fat, if you are following Slimming World it is very high in syns and for me it's great to be able to enjoy guacamole without eating a ton of syns!  

Chilli con carne

Chilli con carne is one of my all time favourite meals, and I love to try out new ways of making it. Traditionally we always used to have chilli on a Saturday night, piled onto tortilla chips with cheese melted over the top, and homemade guacamole on the side. This is a healthier take on a delicious chilli meal- I serve this with 'brocamole' (click here for the recipe) and cauliflower rice makes a great rice substitute, but this is also lovely served with nutty brown rice.