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Passion fruit & mango overnight oats

Every time I remember to make overnight oats I mean to do it more often, as they are so delicious! It's one of those things that's more than a sum of its parts. I'm really fussy about food consistency and always have been- I hate squishy and sloppy things where you don't know whether to chew or swallow! When I first tried overnight oats I was expecting them to be way too squishy for my taste- but they aren't, in fact they have a very satisfying consistency- it's almost like a pudding. ...


I've never really liked coffee or alcohol based desserts, but tiramisu has always been the exception, something about the consistency of the sponge fingers with the creamy, chocolately topping is just so good! This version uses quark instead of cream, and as sponge fingers are pretty low syn you can create a really lovely dessert for just 5.5 syns!  

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats have become a bit of a legend in Slimming World circles, and when I tried them for the first time I could understand why. Layering up and leaving the ingredients overnight allows some of the yoghurt to soak into the oats, and the fruit to infuse with everything without creating the 'soggy' texture of porridge as the oats retain a little of their crunchiness. This is so good that you could probably also pass it off as a pudding! I tend to use frozen berries as they are both ...