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Aloo Gobi

I was a really fussy eater as a child, and my Mum despaired about getting me to eat vegetables or fruit, I just wouldn't touch them! Then when I was about 12 she discovered that I would eat all sorts of veg if they were curried and we had a breakthrough! I've moved on now and really enjoy most veg, but I'm still discerning about how they are cooked- and I still love them curried. This dish is a great way to squeeze in lots of speed foods without really noticing. It's lovely as a side to ...

Roast chicken breast with lemony bombay potatoes

This is one of those dishes which tastes so good for not a lot of effort! It's quick to do and uses nice basic ingredients that you are likely to have in the cupboards. The syns are in the little bit of olive oil that everything is tossed around in, and you can remove this if you wish and spray with Frylight to make it syn free.