Goodlife vegetarian frozen range

I’ve never really been one for convenience food, and then when it gets to an evening when I really can’t face cooking I kick myself as I have nothing to fall back on and have to still cook from scratch!

When Goodlife contacted me asking if I would like to try their vegetarian frozen range I decided to give it a go- I thought if we liked it it would be perfect for us and the kids as the whole range is stuffed full of good stuff and we are often thinking that we should try to have a few more vegetarian meals! The products are also mainly low syn for anyone who is following Slimming World.

I tried out the Picador Parsnip and Sweet Carrot Burgers with cashew nuts, The French Bean and Spinach Sausages with Wensleydale, the Spicy Veg Beanburgers with Chipotle, and the Sunblush Tomato Grills with black olives, and the Mushroom Kievs with Cheesy Garlic Sauce.


French Bean and Spinach Sausages:

Goodlife sausage meal kids 2

I was most interested to see how the sausages tasted, I’ve seen some of my favourite Instagram Slimming World ladies (The Slimming Mama, and Queenb) sharing pictures of their meals using these, as they are very low syn (0.5 per sausage). I also thought they were the product that my girls were most likely to enjoy, so I cooked them up for their tea with some homemade chips, and some baby tomatoes and asparagus. The girls gave them a thumbs up, and I thought they were absolutely lovely! They have a perfect sausage consistency, a slight crisp on the outside, firm but not rubbery, and the taste is amazing! There is a little tiny hint of mint and all the other flavours work beautifully together- in fact with regular sausages I would always have ketchup, but these definitely didn’t need it. These would be amazing on the barbecue too, I would definitely buy them again.



 Spicy Veg Beanburgers with Chipotle:
Spicy bean burger with sweet potato fries
For me, I cooked the Spicy Veg beanburgers. These are again low syn on Slimming World (4 syns each). I was surprised that they are so low syn, as they are coated in lovely, crunchy breadcrumbs. They have a mild level of spice (I had a bit of sriracha sauce over mine as I love the chilli!) and again, a really lovely texture. The outside goes really crisp, and the inside is firm and the perfect consistency. These went absolutely perfectly with Sweet potato fries, and some mixed salad, and I felt very virtuous for managing so much veg in one meal!
Sunblush Tomato Grills with black olives:
Sunblush tomato grills with olives

I think these were my favourite overall, and actually I wasn’t sure about them before I tried them! They are absolutely delicious and moreish! They have a deep, rich, but not overwhelming tomato flavour, complemented perfectly by the other ingredients. They really made me imagine summer evenings and bbq’s- they would definitely be amazing cooked on the barbecue! (Unfortunately as these are a fairly new product I don’t have syn values for these at the moment)



Picador Parsnip and Sweet Carrot Burgers with cashew nuts:

Parsnip and carrot burgers with cashews

I left these until last to try, as I don’t generally like parsnips! So I was actually very pleasantly surprised when I did try them- the parsnip flavour is so subtle that I’m not sure I could have distinguished it, but they have a lovely sweetness and the texture is the real winner- the cashews give an amazing crunch! Again, I would happily have these as a meat substitute. For Slimming World, these are 7.5 syns each.



Mushroom Kievs with Cheesy Garlic Sauce:

mushroom kiev

I left the mushroom kievs until last, as they have the highest syn value (12.5), but they are a great alternative to chicken kievs- again a lovely crispy coating, and lovely combination of flavours.



sausages packetSunblush tomato grills with olivesSpicy veg beanburgers with chipotleParsnip and carrot burgers with cashewsmushroom kiev with creamy garlic and cheese sauce

Overall, I was so impressed with this range- Goodlife have done an amazing job of making these vegetables taste good- the flavour balances are perfect as is the texture. I liked all the products a lot more than I expected to, and was really happy that the kids liked them too, as they are a great easy thing to keep in the freezer with plenty of goodness!

I bought all my my Goodlife products in Waitrose, but they are also available from Iceland, Ocado and many more- Click here to find your nearest stockist.

Find out more information about Goodlife on their website by clicking here.

Disclosure:I was sent the above products for an honest review and I was compensated for my time. All words and images are my own.

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