I was first introduced to Pink’n’Whites when I joined Slimming World. My friend Emma said I must buy some, as they make a brilliant low-syn snack, and are great to beat a sweet craving. I bought my first packet in the pound shop, and they were such a saviour to me and my sweet tooth!

What are Pink’n’Whites?

Pink’n’ Whites are made of 2 crunchy wafers, filled with pink & white mallow. They are very low in fat (98% fat free) and are only 50 calories each, or 2.5 syns on Slimming World.

What are Pink’n’Whites like to eat?

They are very sweet (they are fairly high in sugar), so perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth- the crispy wafers on the outside give a satisfying crunch as you bite into them, and contrast nicely with the chewy marshmallow inside. They are a great size for such a low syn snack- one is enough to feel like you have had a satisfying snack.

My kids also love these, and they make for a great treat every now and again!

How can I pimp a Pink’n’White to make it even better?

For an even more indulgent experience you can microwave your pink’n’white to make the marshmallow gooey and gorgeous (I found that 15 seconds is perfect- but careful not to burn your tongue!).

Or for an even cheekier treat, you can remove the top wafer, spread with a teaspoon of chocolate spread, stick it back together and then microwave it. Winner. If you use 1tsp chocolate spread, this takes the snack up to 4 syns. You could also try this with jam!


Where can I buy Pink’n’Whites and how much do they cost?

Pink’n’Whites are stocked pretty much anywhere you can think of, including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Iceland, Sainsburys, B&M… you can find a full list of stockists by clicking hereThe great news is that they only cost 50p for 6! Bargain!


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Caxton Pink’n’Whites. All words and images are my own.

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