One-pot cooking

The joys of one-pot cooking!

I’m a huge advocate of the one-pot meal, because it can make life easier in so many ways, but you can still produce a great-tasting meal this way!

What are the benefits of one-pot cooking?

  • Less washing up: Sometimes the amount of washing up from just one meal can feel really overwhelming, and when you are busy and stressed you just don’t need it. Most of my saucepans won’t go into the dishwasher so it’s a relief just to have one to wash!
  • No juggling: With a one-pot meal you don’t need to juggle different timings, heats and elements. Everything ends up in the pot and cooks for a set amount of time. Simples.
  •  Healthy meals: It’s often easy to make low-fat meals in one pot, as you tend to cook foods in stock or sauce and poach or braise meats rather than fry. Trimming away excess fat from your meat before adding it can keep the meals nice and lean.
  • Batch cooking: It’s often easy to scale up the amounts in one-pot cooking to make a bigger batch and therefore have extra to freeze. It’s also a great way to cook for a group of friends or family as you don’t need to spend all of your time in the kitchen!
  • Pre-prepare meals: Many one-pot meals are easy to prepare in advance and reheat, so you can cook them whenever is convenient, not just at the time you want to eat.

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