How to make your own frozen oven chips

I so often end up wasting potatoes- I buy a big bag for a roast or a specific recipe and then don’t get around to using them all. I once smugly turned them all into chips, froze them raw… and then ended up with horrible black chips (I didn’t know you couldn’t freeze raw potato!).

So I experimented to find a way to use up all those potatoes as frozen chips- so handy to have lovely healthy chips that you can just pop in the oven to cook if you aren’t feeling like peeling and chopping potatoes!

Here’s my method:

1. Peel potatoes 



2. Chop into chips



3. Put into a pan of cold water, bring to the boil, and boil for 5 minutes



4. Drain, and leave to cool completely. Once cool, season with salt (and anything else you fancy- cayenne pepper, paprika, oregano…) and then spray thoroughly with low calorie cooking spray (or spray oil if you prefer) toss to make sure they are fully coated.



5. Portion up into freezer bags


6. Pop in the freezer




7. When you need them, preheat the oven to 180c, spread out on a baking tray….


8. Bake for 30-35 minutes until crispy and golden brown


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