Goodlife ready meals: Review

Goodlife recently asked me if I would like to try out their ready meals. I think if this had been my first encounter I might have said no- I never really buy ready meals, and I wouldn’t naturally seek out a vegetarian products. But actually a little while ago I reviewed some of the other products in the Goodlife frozen range and I was so impressed by how tasty it was that I thought I would give these a go!

Goodlife have been working with British farmers for 25 years to create family-friendly vegetarian meals, and the newest products to their range are the frozen 3 bean chilli with cauliflower rice, and a vegetable masala with cauliflower rice. Both of these meals are cooked from frozen in 8 minutes, contain 3 of your 5 a day of vegetables and are under 300 calories (on Slimming World, 5 syns for the 3 bean chilli, and 6.5 syns for the vegetable masala)


Goodlife Vegetable Masala:

This was my favourite of the meals, and it really was delicious! I occasionally make cauliflower rice at home, but the Goodlife version is a bit chunkier and it’s great as it doesn’t get lost in the meal, and I’m always surprised at how well it replaces rice. The curry is tasty but not spicy, satisfyingly creamy, tangy and very more-ish! It contains red pepper, roasted sweet potato, lentils and chickpeas and I was very surprised at how filling it was.



Goodlife 3 bean chilli:

This is served with cauliflower rice, and the chilli contains red kidney beans, white kidney beans, and pinto beans, alongside sweetcorn and red pepper. The flavours are mainly from the smoked paprika and chipotle chilli (but again, this isn’t at all spicy). The mix of beans again make this very filling, a great consistency and it’s also vegan friendly. I wasn’t as big a fan of this one as I was of the curry, but I am not a great lover of the flavour of smoked paprika which is probably why! I still ate my whole portion and it’s great for an easy healthy ready meal.



Again, I was really impressed with how much flavour Goodlife has managed to pack into  a convenience product, and actually I think there is a real gap in the market for healthy ready meals- I would never know where to look if I needed something super quick but wanted to keep it healthy. These would be absolutely ideal for an easy office lunch or for a busy parent who doesn’t want to end up eating junk if they don’t have the time to cook- I wish we’d had these when my babies were little as I would definitely have had a couple on stand-by in the freezer!

I was really impressed with the filling power too- the portions looked relatively small to me, but my husband and I each had half of each the meals for lunch, and I didn’t even think about food until teatime- no mid-afternoon hunger pangs!

I also think these are fantastic value, at £2 each (available in selected Morrisons stores in the vegetarian freezer aisle, towards the bottom of the shelf).

Find out more information about Goodlife on their website by clicking here.

Disclosure:I was asked for an honest review of the products and I was compensated for my time. All words and images are my own.

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