Celebrating ‘Feaster’ with Iceland

A friend said to me a while ago, ‘but do you really like Iceland, or do you just have to say you do’, and I had to assure her that yes, I really do love Iceland, and finding out about their new products and innovations. Not only do they work so hard to constantly come up with new and exciting products, but they are paving the way for other supermarkets by pledging to be plastic-free within their own-label range by 2023. From my experience they are the most innovative and forward thinking of all of the supermarkets.

Not only has there been a realisation that actually frozen food doesn’t have to be unhealthy and tacky, but many people are really realising that frozen products are actually a fantastic way to be able to make healthier choices when cooking, as they are so convenient! In paricular, this year I have loved Iceland’s frozen fish range, but also their lean meat options, and some absolutely brilliant frozen fruit and vegetable choices (check out my post about some of their ranges here).

Last week, Iceland invited me up to London to try out some of their Easter range, and not only that, but we were joined by their incredible chef Neil Nugent to give us some brilliant recipes and Easter cooking tips.

Now, to say that when I arrived I felt like I had entered a dream is an understatement! Not only were there beautiful flowers everywhere and a gorgeously laid table, there were a LOT of very big easter eggs scattered around!

Iceland Easter blogger event


Alongside a very delicious 3 course meal, we were given demonstrations by Neil Nugent on how to make a fishcake Scotch egg (sounds a little odd, tasted incredible!), some ‘alternative’ toppings for hot cross buns- bacon jam (so delicious!) with a stilton crisp, and a hot-cross bun rarebit!

Iceland hot cross bun with welsh rarebit and bacon jam

Not only did we get to see and sample some of Iceland’s ‘Stars of the Show’ for Easter, including the turkey crown, and raspberry and pistachio pavlova, but we also had the enviable job of testing out their range of Easter eggs (so pretty, with lots of sparkle!) and luxury truffles (prosecco and salted caramel)- I can vouch that all are delicious, with my particular favourite being the milk chocolate easter egg with bronzed chocolate malted balls! (The Easter eggs with the malted balls are £5 each, and the large milk chocolate Easter egg with prosecco truffles is £10)

Iceland milk chocolate Easter egg with bronzed chocolate malted ballsIceland dark chocolate Easter egg with sparkling malted ballsIceland milk chocolate luxury egg with sparkling bronze lustre and prosecco truffles


Our menu for the day was:

Starter: Soft-boiled scotch eggs made with fish and a crispy coating, with a sour cream and mustard dip and parsley sauce (cleverly designed to look like a fried egg!)

Main course: Roast turkey breast served with Tenderstem broccoli, peas, quinoa and butternut squash and cinnamon puree (this made an amazing alternative to a gravy, and added lots of lovely flavour)

Pudding: Iceland luxury raspberry and pistachio layered pavlova 

Iceland scotch egg using frozen fish2E976E7A-6C15-4DD3-B833-BD3D1315036BIceland Easter turkey crown with butternut squash pureeIceland Luxury raspberry and pistachio layered pavlova


I’ve taken some real inspiration for my own Easter feast- not only with a plan to buy in pudding- but I love the idea of turkey crown served with a delicately cinnamony butternut squash puree. Turkey crown is fantastic for feeding lots of people as it’s super-easy to carve and serve and there’s plenty of meat! So here’s my Easter feast, with links to the recipes!

Turkey Crown simply roasted with salt & pepper, and spray oil (no recipe attached, just spray the turkey crown with spray oil or low calorie cooking spray, roast for the time specified on the packet (covered with foil for 3/4 of cooking time), and then basting every 20 minutes after the first hour throughout the rest of the cooking time. Allow at least 30 minutes to rest after cooking.

-Butternut squash, maple and cinnamon puree

Scalloped potatoes baked with garlic and rosemary

Spring leeks and peas

(Click above to see the full recipes!)

Slimming foodie scalloped potatoes with Iceland turkey crown

Easter dinner, turkey, butternut squash puree, scalloped potatoes, lbuttered leeks

Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Iceland. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.


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