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Italian style mozzarella stuffed beefburgers

I'm usually a bit boring (lazy) when it comes to making burgers, and I just shape mince into a burger shape and fry it. I wanted to have a go at making something a little bit more tasty, and I can never resist a melting middle in anything! Please note that the portion of mozzarella in the middle of each burger is half of your HEA allowance for the day.  

Aloo Gobi

I was a really fussy eater as a child, and my Mum despaired about getting me to eat vegetables or fruit, I just wouldn't touch them! Then when I was about 12 she discovered that I would eat all sorts of veg if they were curried and we had a breakthrough! I've moved on now and really enjoy most veg, but I'm still discerning about how they are cooked- and I still love them curried. This dish is a great way to squeeze in lots of speed foods without really noticing. It's lovely as a side to ...

Pork and quinoa meatballs

I used quinoa in these meatballs as an alternative to using breadcrumbs, to keep this meal free of syns. The sauce recipe is the one that Slimming World suggest to go with their frozen meatballs from Iceland, it's a lovely tasty sauce so I haven't changed a thing!    

Spiced carrot and lentil soup

This recipe is adapted from BBC Good Food (click here) to be Slimming World friendly. It's very easy, very quick and does a great job at filling you up.  

Hunter’s chicken

I love this meal, I always want to pick it if I see it on the menu somewhere as it's just such a satisfying thing to eat! Chicken breasts are smothered in BBQ sauce and covered in bacon, then baked with cheese melted over the top! If you want the cheat's version you could just use a bought BBQ sauce, it makes it quicker- but actually this little BBQ sauce is so quick and easy to make that it really isn't much extra trouble so that the whole dish is cooked from scratch. I love to ...

Italian Wonderpot

I first saw this on Pinterest, posted by budgetbytes and thought that it looked like a really interesting idea- a pasta dish where you throw ALL of the uncooked ingredients into a pan! The original recipe seems to have come from Apron Strings based on a Martha Stewart idea. The starch in the pasta helps to thicken up the sauce, and the combination of ingredients make a really tasty dinner. It looks too good to be true, but it's not- the result is a very tasty and simple pasta and it ...

Easy chicken curry

This recipe is from Slimming World's online recipe collection (Slimming World chicken curry), and is very simple to do, therefore foolproof! What I love about it is that there is lots of sauce, but as it's tomato based there are no syns. They suggest serving it with chargrilled broccoli and beans which is the perfect accompaniment.  

Courgette and chilli mini muffins

I whipped these up in about ten minutes on a day where I was heading off to the beach but really just wanted a nice syn-free (using your healthy extra a choice) lunch. They're super easy to make, very tasty and also satisfying.  

2-ingredient sweet potato pancakes

I love these little pancakes- they taste lovely, are very easy to make and are very versatile! I serve mine with a yoghurt dip, but really there are endless possibilities! (Here's the dip I like  

Lemon, garlic and mint dip

This dip goes particularly well with the sweet potato pancakes (see separate recipe), but is also lovely with chopped peppers, carrots, or potato wedges! //