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Hearty lentil and bacon soup

Lentils and bacon are just one of those combinations that work so well, and this soup has lots of lovely speed veg squeezed into it. I always make a big batch as it freezes really well and is perfect for a quick, filling lunch if you are stuck. I've also found that this is really popular with my children which makes it even more of a winner and I haven't yet found any other ways to get lovely healthy lentils down them! I use puy lentils if I can find them, although it's not always that ...

Chicken and lemon casserole

I love this recipe, it's real home-cooked comfort food. It's got lots of lovely speed veggies in it, there are no syns, and it's really tasty. For me it's a lovely Sunday lunch roast alternative, and the kids love it too.  

Syn-free pancakes

I've tried making the quark pancakes, which tasted good, but were impossible to even flip because they just fell apart, and the oat and egg pancakes which again taste good but fall apart very easily, and then I discovered this recipe. Using fat-free cottage cheese, egg whites and oats blended together you have a lovely firm pancake which still tastes delicious. I really recommend them for a lovely treat weekend breakfast!  

Diet Coke beef

This is a really tasty, syn-free dish, and I have to say I prefer it with beef! Using a cheap cut of lean beef I always prefer it done in the slow cooker as it falls apart when it's cooked, and I hate having really chewy meat. It has a rich and flavoursome sauce, and makes a great quick meal to heat up if you make a big pot of it!  

Best ever pizza sauce

This pizza sauce is so yummy that I can just eat it on its own! I make a double batch to keep in a jar in the fridge and it's one of those really handy go-to things when you are stuck for ideas! I use it on top of a Kingsmill wholemeal thin (healthy extra b) topped with cheese for a lunchtime pizza, on top of the Warburton's easy-roll square wraps (8 syns) for a Saturday night treat pizza, inside the Old El Paso Stand 'n' Stuff Tortilla with loads more veg and cheese for a pizza pie, with ...

Perfect Slimming World chips

I've made a lot of Slimming World friendly chips since starting- I love that they feel like such a treat but are syn-free. I've tried out lots of methods, and this is a great one to get a lovely crispy chip without the faff of par-boiling and shaking up (or even pre-microwaving as some do). The secret is instant mashed potato, and a little combination of spices which add a lovely flavour. I also love my crinkle chip cutter as there's something so appealing looking about crinkle cut chips! I ...

Yoghurt coated blueberries

This isn't really a recipe, but an idea for a snack that is so simple it's genius! Dip any fresh fruit into fat free yoghurt and freeze it- voila! A tasty snack to stop you reaching for anything more syn-ful!

Mini ham and mushroom quiches

Using the ham to make a cupe for the little quiches not only keeps them tidily together, but adds a lovely base to the egg, with some lovely crispy bits around the edges.  

Slow cooker campfire stew

When you don't have much time on your hands for prep but want to cook something that feels a bit special, this is a great recipe. Using mainly storecupboard staples, the slow cooker gently cooks the ham into fall-apart tenderness, and the paprika turns the beans into smoky, cowboy-worthy yumminess! The other great thing about this is not only is it a great dinner, it's also fab on top of a jacket potato the next day! If you don't want to use bought baked beans then try my version using ...

Tasty spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti bolognese has always been one of my all-time favourites, and is a fab meal to sneak in a load of veg without really knowing about it when you eat it! For this one I add grated sweet potato and carrot to give it that extra sweetness which makes it popular with the kids as well as me!