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Crushed pea, mint, lemon and asparagus salad

This recipe is from the lovely Katie Pix, and put together to go perfectly with the Saucy Fish Company's smoked haddock with vintage cheddar and chive sauce. It's a perfect summer salad- easily pre-prepared so that you can just whip it out of the fridge whenever you are ready!  

Thai carrot and red cabbage salad

We recently had a lovely weekend away where our hosts cooked the most amazing meals- they were catering for 11 adults and 4 children and they went to so much time and effort to feed us all. All of the food was delicious and I've asked for all the recipes, but one of the absolute stars was a grated vegetable salad which had Thai flavours. It's really something that I would never have thought of doing and it's really inspired me! I don't yet have that specific recipe, but we were heading ...

Wild garlic and pumpkin seed pesto

Ever since I moved back to Devon I have made an annual event of going up to the woods near where my parents live and picking some wild garlic to make pesto. At this time of year it carpets woodland, and isn't one of those foraged things that is impossible to find! If you haven't picked it before, then make sure you google it to ensure you are definitely picking the right leaves (I have popped some pictures below for reference!) , although it's pretty easy to identify with it's strong ...

Sweet potato falafel

  I only discovered falafel in my 20's, and was instantly in love. Not only is it super-worthy, being made from chickpeas (full of fibre and protein), they taste so good, and are a fab way of bulking out a salad. For me, as a sworn meat eater, they also provide a viable meat alternative! I've tried making falafel without using any olive oil before, but it was quite dry and crumbly- adding in the sweet potato gives it a lovely texture and extra moisture without oil. These were ...

Skinny baked falafel

I really love my meat (you might be able to tell from the amount of meat-based recipes on here!), but falafel is something which replaces meat perfectly for me- it's so satisfying to eat, tasty and filling. I had these ones with this lovely garlicky aioli It's also a great thing to make up in a big batch and keep in the fridge as it makes a quick lunch or healthy snack. This was my first attempt at making falafel- these were quite dry and crumbly, but they tasted delicious. I'm going ...

Creamy leek stuffed mushrooms with melted mozzarella and crispy chilli breadcrumbs

These mushrooms are so delicious, and ideal as either a starter or a main- stuffed with creamy, garlicky leeks, and covered with oozing mozzarella and crunchy chilli breadcrumbs, they are so satisfying!  

Roasted cocoa and spiced pumpkin soup

Roasting the pumpkin for this recipe actually saves a lot of work as you don't have to spend ages removing the skin and chopping the pumpkin up- Once you have slow-roasted it, you can just scoop out the rich flesh ready to whizz into a delicious soup! Just a note about pumpkins- the big ones meant for carving unfortunately have very poor flavour- I don't recommend turning these into soup although it seems a shame to waste it! Instead, make sure that you buy one which is either labelled ...

Spicy pizza pops

These are just little bites of deliciousness! You have the lovely melted mozzarella, pepperoni and jalapeno, but with a quinoa body they're low in syns. Perfect dipped in my Best Ever Pizza Sauce (click here). They are also very quick and easy to make. I got the idea from Wonky Wonderful (click here) on Pinterest, but have amended the recipe.  

Courgette and chilli mini muffins

I whipped these up in about ten minutes on a day where I was heading off to the beach but really just wanted a nice syn-free (using your healthy extra a choice) lunch. They're super easy to make, very tasty and also satisfying.  

2-ingredient sweet potato pancakes

I love these little pancakes- they taste lovely, are very easy to make and are very versatile! I serve mine with a yoghurt dip, but really there are endless possibilities! (Here's the dip I like