Jerk pork with pineapple

Jerk pork with pineapple Really tasty homemade jerk pork, served with refreshing pineapple JERK PORK WITH PINEAPPLE I’m all for a ready-made jerk seasoning, but it’s also nice to do it yourself sometimes for that fresher taste- this is a gorgeous tasty jerk pork dish, and it’s really complemented by the sweet and juicy pineapple. … Read more

Chicken and asparagus risotto

Chicken and asparagus risotto A very simple, but delicious risotto- perfect for using leftovers from a roast chicken! CHICKEN AND ASPARAGUS RISOTTO I can’t take the credit for this recipe, as it’s one my husband always makes when we have leftover roast chicken- it’s one of my all time favourites- very simple flavours but just … Read more

Spicy satay chicken zoodles

Spicy satay chicken zoodles Chicken satay is one of my all time favourite foods – paring it up with spiralized courgetti makes it a super-healthy but completely delicious option SPICY SATAY CHICKEN ZOODLES I’ve used spiralized courgette with this (because I am in love with my new spiralizer- I have this one from Amazon-click here) but … Read more

Herby chicken casserole

Herby chicken casserole Lovely tasty casserole, packed full of vegetables, ideal for all the family HERBY CHICKEN CASSEROLE This is ideal comfort food, I originally made it for my children (dicing the veg super small to make it appealing), but once I tried a spoonful I couldn’t stop eating it! It does take a bit … Read more

Spiced carrot and lentil soup

Spiced carrot and lentil soup A lovely autumn soup, warming, filling and syn free SPICED CARROT AND LENTIL SOUP This recipe is adapted from BBC Good Food (click here) to be Slimming World friendly. It’s very easy, very quick and does a great job at filling you up. Related Recipes

Hunter’s chicken

Hunter’s chicken Juicy chicken, BBQ sauce, melty cheese, bacon… syn free! What more could you want?! HUNTER’S CHICKEN I love this meal, I always want to pick it if I see it on the menu somewhere as it’s just such a satisfying thing to eat! Chicken breasts are smothered in BBQ sauce and covered in … Read more

Slow-cooked Mexican black bean & shredded salsa chicken

Slow-cooked Mexican black bean & shredded salsa chicken A simple, one-pot, delicious Mexican inspired dish SLOW-COOKED MEXICAN BLACK BEAN AND SHREDDED SALSA CHICKEN This is a great recipe- it’s very quick to throw together in the slow cooker, but the end result is a really delicious Mexican inspired dish which is very versatile- It’s lovely … Read more

green chilli & cumin hummus

green chilli & cumin hummus Spicy, flavoursome green chilli makes a punchy and delicious hummus GREEN CHILLI AND CUMIN HUMMUS Green chilli has a lovely unique flavour that works so well in hummus! Complemented by earthy cumin, this is one of my favourite combinations. I usually leave the seeds in the chilli when I whizz … Read more

Roasted red pepper hummus

Roasted red pepper hummus A sweet and smoky hummus ROASTED RED PEPPER HUMMUS The sweet and smoky flavours in this roasted red pepper hummus are irresistible. Make this as a dip, or to serve up alongside falafel, couscous or kebabs as a delicious side dish. Jars of pre-roasted peppers are a great storecupboard staple to … Read more

Simple chicken casserole

Simple chicken casserole A simple and easy-to-make chicken casserole that the whole family will love SIMPLE CHICKEN CASSEROLE Sometimes the simplest meals are the best- just good ingredients and simple flavours. Chicken casserole is one of those things- Strip it back to the basics and it still tastes so good! I like to use chicken … Read more

Roasted tomato and red pepper soup

Roasted tomato and red pepper soup Simple to make, and super tasty – the perfect soup ROASTED TOMATO AND RED PEPPER SOUP I love the roasting method for soups as not only can you just chop everything, chuck it in a roasting tin and forget about it, but I think that it really gives soup … Read more

Easy leek and potato soup

Easy leek and potato soup

easy leek and potato soup An easy and comforting bowl of silky smooth soup that has the combination of sweet leeks and earthy potatoes without the need for cream. Easy leek and potato soup This easy leek and potato soup is a very classic flavour combination, but it’s amazing how many variations there are in … Read more