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Steamed jam sponge mug cake

I recently introduced my 8 year old to mug cakes, and she was blown away- she just couldn't believe that you could achieve such a good cake in just a couple of minutes! I was testing out a few recipes in my new microwave (read about it here!). I made a full fat and sugar chocolate mug cake for my daughter ( I used this recipe), and then I experimented with a Slimming World friendly version, using my healthy extra B oats. The only extra step you have to go through here is that rather ...

Passion fruit & mango overnight oats

Every time I remember to make overnight oats I mean to do it more often, as they are so delicious! It's one of those things that's more than a sum of its parts. I'm really fussy about food consistency and always have been- I hate squishy and sloppy things where you don't know whether to chew or swallow! When I first tried overnight oats I was expecting them to be way too squishy for my taste- but they aren't, in fact they have a very satisfying consistency- it's almost like a pudding. ...

Pavlova wreath

This recipe is from the Slimming World Festive Feasts cookbook. I was lucky enough to try it at the Slimming World head office blogger's Christmas lunch (read all about it here) It tastes lovely, looks great on the table and is only 3 syns per serving. The one in the picture was made by the fabulous staff in the Slimming World Head office kitchen, and photographed by me //  

Winter raspberry and chocolate log

I was lucky enough to be invited recently to a Christmas lunch at the Slimming World head office(you can read all about it here )- this was one of the pudding choices and it was absolutely lovely! It is only 3 syns per slice so perfect for a guilt-free Christmas treat and it makes a gorgeous centrepiece for a Christmassy table! This is from the Slimming World Festive Feasts Cookbook which is available in Slimming World groups, priced £4.95. Please note the one in the picture was ...

Guilt-free raspberry and strawberry cheesecake

I am really quite excited about this recipe... I think it really tastes like a proper treat, but it's so good it practically has a halo! The oats form the base (and if you are following Slimming World you can use these as half of your healthy extra B choice). The cheesecake mix is a lovely, satisfying texture- it just feels indulgent!  

Blueberry and lemon sauce

  I made my 'Healthy delicious pancakes' this morning, and really wanted a tasty topping for them that didn't undo all the good work! This blueberry lemon sauce was really delicous- worked perfectly with the pancakes but still felt like a healthy option. If you are following Slimming World you do need to syn cooked/pureed fruit, but it really isn't much and definitely worth the syns!

Warm chocolate mug cake

It's been one of those days when my Facebook news feed seems to be filled with videos of people making Nutella cakes and Kinder cakes and it's making me crave chocolate! I thought I'd have a go at an easy mug cake using Sweet Freedom Choc Shot (you can buy it here on Amazon, but its cheaper in the supermarket). It did it for me, it tastes good, it's not eggy and it's warm and chocolatey! It's not the Nutella cake I've been drooling over, but it certainly satisfied me enough to avoid any ...

Pink pancakes

I'm always experimenting with different pancake recipes as I love them as a breakfast option! These ones use pureed raspberries to flavour them, and are lovely served with honey, golden syrup or choc shot and some fresh berries!  

Raspberry maple muffins

These were a little experiment as I really fancied something freshly baked but not unhealthy. These muffins have a bran flake base, so they are full of fibre, the raspberries give them a gorgeous flavour and the maple syrup and orange juice sweetens them up perfectly without making them oversweet.  

Sticky toffee pudding mug cake

This mug cake produces a lovely, light sponge. Using date nectar rather than sugar, not only is it healthier, but it has a gorgeous sticky toffee flavour. I use Beloved date nectar click here which is widely available in the supermarkets.