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Spicy meatball marinara bake

  I made this up with leftovers from my Pizza topped giant meatballs recipe (click here) and it was so tasty I thought it deserved it's own slot! It might look like a lot of work for one meal, but I often have a batch of the Best Ever Pizza Sauce (click here) made up, as my youngest daughter loves pizza, and it makes a great sauce for last minute meals, and if you've only fed 2 with the giant meatballs recipe, you could always freeze half the meatballs and save them for this!

Pizza topped giant meatballs

I love meatballs, there's something so satisfying about them- I think that this was inspired by the Subway meatball marinara sub which I used to occasionally enjoy for lunch when I worked near a subway- I used to love every mouthful! I've used quinoa in the meatballs to keep them super-healthy, although you can substitute this for wholemeal breadcrumbs if you prefer.

Gnocchi with bacon, pesto and green beans

This meal is great for one of those nights when you pop into the supermarket desperately wanting a quick dinner without having something unhealthy! It's just a few items which you can quickly grab, and it takes under 10 minutes to cook! (Gnocchi will be with the fresh pasta, usually around the ready meals!) I used the Tesco gnocchi which is 2 syns per 100g, and Tesco pesto which is 2.5 syns per tbsp.  


  I love lasagne. It was the one craving that I had when I was pregnant! My old lasagne would have had a traditional white sauce made from (lots of) butter, flour and milk. I was trying to think of a white sauce that would still taste lovely but be a bit healthier and when I was scouring the shelves in Sainsburys I noticed that Philadelphia was half price so thought I'd give that a go. I was really pleased with the results, and actually I think I preferred it to my old version ...

Pip’s best spaghetti bolognese

I know this is about the 4th bolognese recipe I've posted up here, but it's one of my favourite comfort foods so I make it a lot and tend to experiment! This one's a bit of a throwback to my childhood as I was SO fussy about eating vegetables that my Mum used to puree my bolognese sauce so I didn't keep picking bits out! I still love having it like this, and since I was given my beautiful Cuisinart food processor (link) as a wedding present (Thankyou so much Barbie and Brian!) I have ...

Leek, prawn and chilli spaghetti

For a fantastic winter British vegetable that tastes delicious and is great for your health (it's a Slimming World speed food), look no further than the humble British leek. Launching on 1st November, the British leek season runs through to April.  While it’s often harder to source locally grown, fresh vegetables during the colder months – the leek is one British green that can provide the cornerstone to uncomplicated, hearty dining.  Not only full of flavour, leeks are packed with ...

Pork and quinoa meatballs

I used quinoa in these meatballs as an alternative to using breadcrumbs, to keep this meal free of syns. The sauce recipe is the one that Slimming World suggest to go with their frozen meatballs from Iceland, it's a lovely tasty sauce so I haven't changed a thing!    

Italian Wonderpot

I first saw this on Pinterest, posted by budgetbytes and thought that it looked like a really interesting idea- a pasta dish where you throw ALL of the uncooked ingredients into a pan! The original recipe seems to have come from Apron Strings based on a Martha Stewart idea. The starch in the pasta helps to thicken up the sauce, and the combination of ingredients make a really tasty dinner. It looks too good to be true, but it's not- the result is a very tasty and simple pasta and it ...

Creamy mushroom and bacon spaghetti with chilli griddled greens

This is a lovely easy meal, and made with stuff that you are likely to already have in the cupboards! Not too many ingredients but very tasty. In the past I would have thrown in a glass of white wine, but it is still lovely without!  

Spaghetti with prawns, lemon, rocket and chilli

I have adapted this recipe from Jamie's Italy to be Slimming World friendly, and it's one of my absolute favourite pastas- the combination of flavours works perfectly, and even without all the olive oil that Jamie adds, it is just to die for!