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Fluffy American style pancakes

One of my most popular pancake recipes is my Blueberry and cinnamon pancakes, I think because they are really lovely and fluffy, with a gorgeous texture. This is a similar recipe, but using a little vanilla just to make a lovely plain pancake, perfect for any topping that you fancy. I tend to serve them with fat-free yoghurt, strawberries, blueberries and maple syrup. I don't add any sweetness into the actual pancake mix- I tend to use the natural sweetness of the fruit that I add, ...

Blueberry and cinnamon pancakes

I am often playing around with different 'alternative' pancake recipes, as pancakes are my girls' favourite breakfast. These ones took me 3 versions to get right, but they were absolutely delicious as a finished dish! I chose not to add any sweetness into the actual pancake mix- I love the natural sweetness of blueberries when they are warm and bursting apart, and I like to drizzle maple syrup over the top of these afterwards. If you prefer them sweeter you can always add some stevia ...

Oaty blueberry pancakes with toasted almonds and Manuka honey

I love a treat breakfast, it takes me back to a visit to America with my friend's family when I was 16- every morning her Aunt cooked these amazing treats, waffles, blueberry muffins, pancakes... I still love at the weekend to make a more special breakfast, but I'm also conscious about keeping it healthy. When Rowse honey asked me to create a superfood breakfast containing their Manuka honey, I was well up for the challenge! My biggest discovery in the past year is oats- I can't believe I ...

Healthy delicious pancakes

I was a little cynical about the use of cottage cheese in a pancake- I wouldn't normally touch cottage cheese with a bargepole! But these pancakes really do taste good, and are full of goodness! This is a great way to make healthy pancakes without using flour, the oats work perfectly. Try these served with my homemade lemon and blueberry sauce, or simply fresh berries and maple syrup!  

Pink pancakes

I'm always experimenting with different pancake recipes as I love them as a breakfast option! These ones use pureed raspberries to flavour them, and are lovely served with honey, golden syrup or choc shot and some fresh berries!  

Big mama 1 syn pancake

I keep experimenting with different pancake recipes for my Slimming World breakfasts, and this one was a good'un. I used 1 dessert spoon full of flour in the mix just to give it a bit of body to make it easy to turn in the pan, as often they fall apart when you tried to turn them. This is super filling so if you really want to avoid mid-morning munchies it's a winner. Serve with any fresh fruit, and I served mine with Choc Shot from Sweet Freedom, but I'm sure that you could also use a nice ...

2-ingredient sweet potato pancakes

I love these little pancakes- they taste lovely, are very easy to make and are very versatile! I serve mine with a yoghurt dip, but really there are endless possibilities! (Here's the dip I like  

Syn-free pancakes

I've tried making the quark pancakes, which tasted good, but were impossible to even flip because they just fell apart, and the oat and egg pancakes which again taste good but fall apart very easily, and then I discovered this recipe. Using fat-free cottage cheese, egg whites and oats blended together you have a lovely firm pancake which still tastes delicious. I really recommend them for a lovely treat weekend breakfast!