Caramelised raspberry baked oats

Caramelised raspberry baked oats A slightly more indulgent version of the raspberry baked oats, using date nectar for a sweet flavour and crispy caramelised top CARAMALISED RASPBERRY BAKED OATS I’ve just discovered date nectar, and this one by Beloved gives a lovely natural alternative to using sugar or honey as a sweetener. For everyday baked oats I … Read more

Lentil, aubergine and butternut squash bake

Lentil, aubergine and butternut squash bake A tasty heart vegetarian bake, full of flavour, filling and satisfying LENTIL, AUBERGINE AND BUTTERNUT SQUASH BAKE I adapted this recipe for Slimming World from a BBC Good Food recipe (click here). I love my meat and often when I eat vegetarian food I miss it! This recipe, however, is so … Read more

Peanut butter oatcakes

Peanut butter oatcakes A satisfying and tasty breakfast or snack which will fill you up PEANUT BUTTER OATCAKES This is one of my favourite breakfasts on a day when I want something warm, filling and to fulfil a little bit of a sweet craving. The powdered peanut butter is a brilliant way to make these … Read more

Spiced carrot and lentil soup

Spiced carrot and lentil soup A lovely autumn soup, warming, filling and syn free SPICED CARROT AND LENTIL SOUP This recipe is adapted from BBC Good Food (click here) to be Slimming World friendly. It’s very easy, very quick and does a great job at filling you up. Related Recipes

Baked blueberry oats

Baked blueberry oats A nice way to use your HEB oats for a warm, satisfying and filling breakfast BAKED BLUEBERRY OATS I’ve never been a big fan of breakfast, and although most mornings a bowl of shreddies and a piece of fruit have to do for speed, sometimes I just want something different! I really … Read more

Homemade pesto

Homemade pesto Fresh pesto tastes very different to shop bought, and this low-syn version is delicious HOMEMADE PESTO This pesto uses lemon juice rather than just olive oil to moisten it, so it’s lower syn than an oil filled one, but it’s a beautifully fresh taste and a very quick and easy meal option if … Read more

Slimming World chips

Slimming World chips A great cheat to make a Slimming World friendly crispy chip at home without an airfryer PERFECT SLIMMING WORLD CHIPS I’ve made a lot of Slimming World friendly chips since I first started Slimming World- I think it was the first thing that I googled when I joined! I love that they … Read more

Sweet chilli mushrooms on toast with poached egg and parsley

Sweet chilli mushrooms on toast with poached egg and parsley Just a little twist on mushrooms on toast makes this quick and easy lunch a star dish! SWEET CHILLI MUSHROOMS ON TOAST WITH POACHED EGG AND PARSLEY I struggled a little with how to adapt my favourite mushrooms on toast for Slimming World, because there … Read more

Yoghurt coated blueberries

Yoghurt coated blueberries The perfect syn-free healthy snack YOGHURT COATED BLUEBERRIES This isn’t really a recipe, but an idea for a snack that is so simple it’s genius! Dip any fresh fruit into fat free yoghurt and freeze it- voila! A tasty snack to stop you reaching for anything more syn-ful! Related Recipes

Chocolate orange biscuits

Chocolate orange biscuits A creative use of your healthy extra B oats – eat warm with a cup of tea without the guilt – only 3 syns for the lot CHOCOLOATE ORANGE BISCUITS These chocolate orange cookies are for days when you could just scoff a whole packet of biscuits but are desperately trying to … Read more

Asparagus and garlic mushroom quiche with a sweet potato crust

Asparagus and garlic mushroom quiche with a sweet potato crust A deliciously more-ish quiche! ASPARAGUS AND GARLIC MUSHROOM QUICHE WITH SWEET POTATO CRUST I’m a big fan of the sweet potato crust on a quiche, I find the completely crustless ones a bit difficult to get through as they are just a bit too squishy, … Read more