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Chocolate orange biscuits

These chocolate orange cookies are for days when you could just scoff a whole packet of biscuits but are desperately trying to be good! No, they don't taste like shop-bought cookies, but they are nice enough to satisfy both hunger and cravings, and if you fancy upping the syns a little you can always jazz them up your own way. Just a different way to use your oats from your healthy extra b allowance, and a little treat too.    

The 1 syn jam doughnut

This has to be one of the best ways to use your Healthy Extra B bread- the only syns in this are in the jam, and you really don't need a lot! This is the perfect way to stave off a sweet craving, or give yourself a guilt-free treat. if you use the bread from your Healthy Extra B allowance they are only 1 syn each, or if you have already used your Healthy Extras for the day they are still only 4 syns each! Even if you aren't following Slimming World these are a great way to have a treat ...

1/2 syn brownies

If you are looking for a little cakey treat these are great for satisfying a craving. They aren't really proper chocolate brownies, because those taste delicious fo a reason! But the whisked egg whites make these a viable Slimming World alternative if you are feeling the need to bake, and they do taste good!    

Fudgy Easter egg chocolate brownies

Ever since I started Slimming World I have held off baking really indulgent treats like this, as I find them very hard to resist! However, with Easter approaching, and seeing lots of amazing Easter bakes on Instagram I really wanted to have a go at making some delicious Easter brownies. Every year my girls' school has an Easter tea, where all of the parents bake cakes to be sold, so I thought this year it was the perfect opportunity to have a go at making some rich, fudgy brownies and ...